emeraldEmerald Heralds Everlasting Love
The alluring green brilliance of Emerald has made this enchanting gemstone a highly priced asset and much cherished jewel throughout history. A symbol of faith, kindness and purity it is known to bring everlasting love to all who wear it – so if there is a special someone in your life your want to make a lasting impression on, a gift of emerald is the perfect solution.

The physical properties of emerald is closely matched with beryl and is cut into a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from the traditional rectangular step-cut to ovals, squares and cabochons. The precious stones are more highly valued than diamonds and in the 1930´s it was discovered they could be manipulated synthetically by using aquamarine crystals placed in a specially formulated water solution. The manufactured stones rival naturally formed stones in every way and make emerald more accessible to jewel lovers.

Power Qualities of Emerald Healing Stones

  • Evokes faith and everlasting love
  • Attracts good luck
  • Improves eye trouble
  • Good for weak spines
  • Enables insight and heightened consciousness
  • Eases childbirth
  • Prevents epilepsy

Emerald mostly occurs in a variety of green colors, but is also found with blue or yellow overtones. It is the green effect that gives the stones their extraordinary value and is due to small amounts of chromium and vanadium.

The green andradite emerald is a variety of garnet whilst the yellowish colored gems are Uranian emerald.

Emerald is the birthstone of Taurus. Find a gift for him or her!


Wedding Anniversary
Emerald is the anniversary gemstone for the 20th, 35th and 55th year of marriage.

The Healing Qualities of Emerald Gemstones
Emerald is used extensively for emotional and physical healing. It has extraordinary healing powers for eye trouble and ailments of the spine. It is also used on the mentally unstable and other neurological disorders. If worn around the neck or as a ring it will prevent convulsions in children who suffer from epilepsy.

Emerald is also known to nourish and giving the body energy as well as neutralize anything that has the potential to cause disease. It focuses on the weakest link in your body and work to strengthen it and give it an uplift.

Types of Agate Used for Healing
All types of emerald are used by healers.

Mystical Powers of Emerald
Emeralds are known to open the conscious mind to attract insights and promote wisdom. Since ancient times they have been used by psychics to gather foresight about the future and are regarded as an amulet of good fortune – especially in love. But it also measures the degree of love. If the color pales, love is waning, whereas when it is strong the color of the gem is bright and dazzling. It also helps you determine true friends from false friends

The History of Emerald Stones
It is known that emeralds were mined in Upper Egypt during the time of Pharaoh Sesostris III around 2000 BCE. It was a popular gem for garnishing jewelry during this time. Cleopatra was an avid collector of the gemstone and the jewels sent to her by Alexander the Great were mined in Greece.

Emeralds were as equally popular in the ancient cultures of South America, particularly with the Mayan´s, Inca and Aztecs. A rich bounty of emeralds was discovered by 16th Century Spanish explorers. The Moguls of India inscribed them with sacred texts and wore them as talismans to attract good fortune and communicate with the Gods.

The Name’s Origin
The origins of the Emerald name are somewhat obscure as it is derived from the Greek word smaragdos which has little to do with the concept of the gem other than it is green.

emerald3Care and Treatment
Emeralds should been cleaned with a soft, dry cloth. Because special oil is used during the treatment of the gemstone, do not use ultrasonic cleaner as it will remove the stones shine. Also avoid cleaning emerald in hot soapy water since it too can remove the oil.

Emerald Around the World
Emeralds are mostly mined in Colombia, Brazil and Zambia today although are also found in Russia, Norway, Austria and the United States.

The Ideal Gift
Emerald will be welcomed by most people, but especially those who feel they need more luck in their lives. Emerald speaks volumes when presented to a partner with the proposal of marriage as these precious stones represent everlasting love. If your friend or wife is about to give birth she will welcome an emerald to help her with the birth of the child and anybody who suffers from epilepsy will be pleased of help to stop convulsions.

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