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Amazonite is a soothing stone that quietens the brain so you can open up blockages and enhance psychic visions. It also helps balance the masculine and feminine qualities of your personality and can relieve negative energies and blockages that affect the nervous system. The two most empowering qualities of Amazonite however is its ability to improve health to an optimum level and make married life more satisfying.


It is a gemstone variety of green microcline and made from feldspar mineral. It is usually opaque and therefore is cut en cabochon and given a rounded and convex polished surface which is smooth to the touch.

 Power Qualities of Amazonite Healing Stones: 

  • Improves psychic visions
  • Helps to improve general health
  • Assists in manifesting universal love
  • Makes for a happy marriage
  • Releases fear, anxiety and stress
  • A soothing stone when highly-strung
  • Aids dieting


Amazonite is typically green with white veins running through it, but can vary in color, thus is also found in yellow-green and blue-green.


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Amazonite is the birthstone is for Virgo and Aries.

Wedding Anniversary: 

Amazonite makes an ideal gift for the 16th and 19th wedding anniversaries.

Amazonite Bracelet

The Healing Qualities of Amazonite Stone: 

Clear blue-green crystal stones are generally used when healing with Amazonite. It is especially good for the skin, but also has special qualities for soothing and calming emotions, particularly in people who get shaken up after a confrontation. If you are feeling anxious or fearful after an argument placing amazonite on your body will help to relieve the stress. It can also be used for re-energising when you are feeling run-down as well.

Amazonite Mystical Powers: 

Amazonite is good for communication and is recommended for people who have a problem telling the truth, either because you are afraid to hurt somebody´s feelings or because it is a physical compulsion you cannot help. Amazonite is ideal for making married life happier. Amazonite also promotes self-love and is useful for jump-starting the metabolism to burn fat quicker and help people who are dieting.

The History of Amazonite Stones: 

Amazonite has been used by mankind at least as far back as ancient Egypt. Numerous artifacts with the gemstone have been found. Although it has been around for centuries, it popularity didn´t take-off until it was discovered in the Pikes Peaks District of Colorado in the United States. Prior to this discovery, it had mostly been mined in Russia who was doing a steady trade throughout Europe, but the gemstone captured the public imagination in America when samples were unveiled at the Centennial Exhibition in 1876. The impunity and size of the Colorado Amazonite eventually forced Russian dealers out of business.

The Name’s Origin: 

Although its name is derived from the Amazon River that flows through South America, no deposits have been found there.

AmazoniteCare and Treatment: 

Amazonite scratches easily and will break under heavy blows, so care should be taken when cleaning and handling the stones. You will get more longevity from the preservation of your amazonite gemstone if you store them in a separate box of their own.

Amazonite Around the World: 

Amazonite is predominantly mined in Colorado in the US, but also has healthy reserves in Ontario and Quebec in Canada. Although it is found in the Ural Mountains of Russia, the trade in that part of the world is not as widely practiced as it used to be up until the 19th Century. The stone is also mined in Minas Gerais of Brazil which is the closest place to the Amazon where the stone is found, yet not actually on the Amazon.

The Ideal Gift:  Amazonite is the perfect gift for anybody as it keeps emotions in balance and helps to keep health at an optimum level. Perhaps you have a friend or work colleague who is easily wound up after confrontations or is feeling run-down. Amazonite also brings happiness to married life so makes an ideal wedding gift or even for friends that may be encountering problems with their relationship.

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