Aquarius Gift Ideas For Her

January 21- February 19

Aquarius is a kind-hearted friend, just look at women like Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey, and animal activist Joy Adamson, for proof of how generous and down to earth this sign tends to be. For the most part, Aquarians have the urge to please those that they come into contact with, making them into a quick favorite at school and in the work place. Aquarians desire to please also carries over into the work that they produce, their curiosity for knowledge and desire to do everything just right makes them into ethical leaders in a number of industries.

Aquarians tend to hang around like-minded people, therefore if you spend a lot of time with an Aquarian you might start to realize just how alike the both of you are. Most Aquarians have more power when working in groups; some even say that they have ‘power over the people’ which makes them prominent group leaders. Perhaps this has something to do with how much people adore being friends with Aquarians, and for good reason. Aquarians tend to put their friends above all else, dropping everything if you ever need their attention or help. Yet, because they don’t always like to address the most difficult issues at hand, they tend to distance themselves if they feel socially rejected. Still, when times become bleak they are able to bull through—making the most of the situation until life begins to improve.

Aquarians are deeply intelligent individuals but they can be distracted by the finer things in life—like say a designer pair of shoes or the latest sport car. To hit on both aspects of their personality, try purchasing a gift that is both nice to look at but that is also a touch sentimental. Known for reminiscing over the past, allow your gift to highlight a special memory. No matter what gift you settle on, put a hand-made spin to it. Write a touching paragraph on the front cover of the book or tie a sentimental phrase to the clasp of a boxed necklace. Adding something that makes an Aquarian feel appreciated and loved will polish any gift into perfection.

Despite their lovely nature, beware that Aquarians are also known for their high expectations. Rumor has it that when it comes to birthdays they can quickly become disappointed when all does not go as planned. As Aquarians age they typically become aware of this, for some people this means that they actually dread birthdays because they fear the looming disappointment. Prove your favorite Aquarius wrong and give them a holiday worth remembering—for good reason!


Aquarius Gift Ideas For Her

The Scent of Lavender

Who doesn’t like getting fragrance as a gift? A new fragrance is so exciting because unlike a new scarf or t-shirt, you can wear it and enjoy it day after day without the fear of appearing repetitive. While it’s not easy to pick out an ideal fragrance for someone, the fact that Aquarius happens to have a lucky scent helps things out a bit. In fact, anything that has the hue of lavender is going to bring good luck and happiness to an Aquarius.


English Lavender Perfume by Yardley London

A sublime scent packed with all the Lavender any Aquarius will need!

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Lavender Perfume by Yardley London is a true treat!

Lavender Bath and Body Gift Basket

For under $25 this reasonably priced lavender themed gift basket smells nice, looks great, and serves both aesthetic and pampering purposes!

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Organic Lavender Gift Basket, Luxury Spa Kit

For a slightly higher price tag, you can step it up with this organic gift basket inspired by Aquarius’ lucky scent of Lavender.

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A Lucky Gemstone

The birthstone for Aquarius is the Blue Sapphire, although this is not the only gemstone that is lucky for those born between January and February.  Amethysts are also known to bring luck, and since they are not the actual birthstone for Aquarius they make for a truly unique gift. Perhaps the Aquarius you are gifting has no idea that this is a lucky stone for their sign, in that case you will bring a greater appreciation by sharing this detail with them! They will feel special knowing that you went the extra mile to uncover what stones are lucky for their particular birthday, without sticking to the typical birthstone.


Silver Wire Wrapped Natural Amethyst Crystal Point

A real bargain at under $8, this necklace makes a statement– plus it brings luck to whomever wears it.

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Silver Wire Wrapped Natural Amethyst Crystal Point



African Amethyst with Diamond Accent Necklace

For under $40 this necklace is sterling silver coated in 18k yellow gold. It boosts diamond accents and an African Amethyst, making for a gift that most Aquarius will love.

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Rhodium Plated Amethyst Bracelet

Budget just under $30? This gorgeous bracelet will never give away just how little you actually spent.

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Other lucky stones for Aquarius include: green emerald, green tourmaline, diamond and lapis lazuli.

Locket with Photo

Both pretty and sentimental, a locket with a photo tucked inside hits all of the buzzers for a perfect Aquarius gift.


Vintage Trendy Locket

Inspired after the 1920s this vintage locket puts a slight twist on the modern day locket we know and love today, making it all the more special at just under $30.

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1928spinlocket Heart & Cross Locket

At just under $60, this heart locket is filled with 14k gold and engraved with a beautiful cross. Customers rant and rave how perfect it looks, as well as how good it holds up.

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House of Harlow Gold Round Locket

For the Aquarius that has a more classic and trendy style, we suggest this House of Harlow locket. For those that are in their teens, twenties, and thirties, this brand is incredibly popular.

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A Book Worth Bragging About

Aquarians are well known for their curiosity about life, they are routinely on a pursuit for new knowledge. Make it easier for them and purchase Aquarius a book they can learn from; try a decorative hardbound that can be placed out on the coffee table to pay tribute to Aquarius’ materialistic side.


Post Secret

It all started with the request that people send in any confession they had never shared with another human before. The result? A book that is truly intriguing, full of the human spirit. It’s no wonder how this book quickly became a best seller, people sent in some truly unbelievable things, all of which have been anonymously placed inside of this jaw-dropping read.

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Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel

Enjoy some of the best photos ever taken underwater, this selection is sure to make any animal lover roll on the floor with laughter.

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The Ultimate Book of Optical Illusions by Ai Seckel

Exercise the mind with these perplexing photos that take a lot of concentrating to truly figure out; which is great because Aquarians are lovers of learning new things and seeing things in new lights.

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