Aries Gift Ideas For Him


March 20- April 19


Aries Gift Ideas For  Him


Aries is a strong breed that can be hotheaded at times. They enjoy being at the center of attention, creating drama, and they seek out the action wherever they go. Aries tends to start up mini-conflicts because they struggle seeing the other side of a situation. Therefore, talking things out with them is never that easy. While this might leave some people frustrated with Aries, those that look past this little quirk discover a truly amazing individual in Aries. For one, anyone who partakes in an adventure with Aries will be glad, as a rather clever and intelligent sign, Aries will keep you safe even if the adventure gets out of hand!


Active and into the outdoors, Aries tend to have a particular sport or activity they are very fond of and regularly participate in. When planning the perfect present keep this activity in mind, being reminded of something one loves to do in the form of a gift will light up their happy receptors, making your gift a sure-fire winner!


Speaking of winners, Aries are incredibly competitive—anything that declares a winner gets them excited. Aries is not good at losing but they take the risk of going down in order to experience the rush competition gives them. This means that games make for an excellent gift idea for Aries, pretty much anything that will get their adrenaline going is sure to bring them thrills!  Think video games, concert tickets, a sporting event, or even a hike (or scavenger hunt) to a surprise romantic picnic.


Aries sign is the Ram, an animal known for being full of courage and stamina—slamming any foreseeable obstacles right between the horns; the description of the Ram couldn’t better stand in representation of our Aries friends. This bold attitude means Aries are straightforward in everything that they do and say; they only can’t comprehend why others beat around the bush so much.  It’s their direct ways that make them uncomplicated, almost child-like, and extremely pleasurable to be around.

Aries Gift Ideas for Him

A View of the Unseen

Get your Aries a telescope, a pair of binoculars, or something to help them see more into the unknown. Naturally full of curiosity, this is a gift sure to please.


Celestron SkyMaster 15×7- Binoculars

Surprisingly, these top-notch binoculars are under $60!

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For under $50, there’s hardly a better deal for a real-working telescope. A telescope is one of those things everyone wants but rarley splurges to buy, and that’s the best gift of all!

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Celestron Powerseeker Refractor telescope


Spy Scope

Perfect for scanning the skies and as decoration, this fancy looking Spy Scope costs under $40!

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Massage Chair

Who doesn’t want to get a massage whenever they please? Aries will truly enjoy this because they love to be pampered, so much so that at times they can be mistaken for selfish. Let them indulge whenever they please with this great gift idea.


Relaxzen Reclining Massage Chair

At this price (under $200) it will be hard to find a comparable massage chair. Although supplies are nearly extinct so order quick before they are gone!

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HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Instead of the entire chair, you can just purchase a cushion instead, thus allowing Aries to place their massager wherever is most convenient to them. The best part is that it is easy to move from chair to chair, allowing comfort to exist wherever the mind imagines it!

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Neck and Shoulders Only Please!

This Homedics vibrator is made to massage the neck, head, and shoulders area– where most of us carry the majority of our stress and tension.

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Electrical Stimulator

For the Aries man who likes electronics, this therapeutic electrical stimulator will excite in more ways than one!

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Games For Him

Just like female Aries, male Aries love competition too—therefore, any game that sparks a little battle is going to have Aries pleased with their present!

The Man Game

“May the Best Man Win!”

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Portable PlayStation 3000 Core Pack System in Black

This handheld device allows one to play heart pounding video games whenever or wherever they desire—without killing the battery on their iPhone!

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Slightly different than the typical competitive board games, Relationality is made based on science and truly does entertain all age groups and group dynamics! Get ready to learn, grow, and laugh with this new game that is quickly gaining popularity.

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