March 21 – April 19

Aries common features:

Element: Fire
Ruler: Mars 
The main gemstone: 

Personal qualities: Primal energy. Self assertiveness. Daring and initiative. Enterprise and adventure.

Health and Aries

Arians generally have good health but can be highly-strung and may suffer from headaches, toothaches and unexplained neuralgia around the jaws. They’re so busy they haven’t got time to be ill but when they do they recover quickly.
Aries individuals who like to “stick their heads above the parapet”, are also susceptible to head injuries. They have to grin and bear it.

Body parts and organs:
Head, brain, eyes, arteries of head, bones of face, teeth, pineal gland and optic nerve.

Headache, neuralgia, acne, epilepsy, migraines and toothache.

Aries and Wealth

Arians have a natural flair for leadership. They dislike failure so coming second best is out of the question. They are naturally competitive at work and are happy working alone or leading a team.
They love any work that will allow them to make an impact and challenge the limits of a situation. As they are easily bored, they love work where personal targets and continuing deadlines are considered. An Arian boss is often an intuitive and forceful character who expects a certain level of devotion from their employees.

aries necklace

Typical careers include: Military, Sport, Sales, Surgery or Finance.

Aries and Love

Those born under Aries demand love and often take it for granted. Love is expected and accepted. But in many cases, sadly, an Aries does not understand how to return it. The thought of being abandoned in love can bring on panic and terror, and continuous reassurance is the only thing that can calm these states of fear.

Aries Compatibility

Aries is most compatible with: Aquarius and Gemini.
Aries is fairly compatible with: LibraLeo and Sagittarius.
Aries is least compatible with: PiscesTaurusCancer and Capricorn.

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