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The sparkling crystals of the Aventurine quartz semiprecious gemstone give it something of an expensive look, but in actual fact the gems are very affordable. Available in a wide range of mind-blowing colors this charming gemstone can be used for every day purposes as a master healer and an ideal gift in jewelry or ornament for the house. Aventurine makes excellent bohemian yet stylish jewelry and is a favorite of actress Kelly Rutherford and model Joanna Krupa.

 Description Aventurine is composed of plagioclase feldspar and quartz. Both have a sparkling reflection from oriented minute inclusions of mica or hematite which gives it a slight metallic iridescence.

Power Qualities of Aventurine Healing Stones

  • Improves your sex drive
  • Powerful metaphysical powers used for healing vital organs
  • Release fear and anxiety
  • Improves confidence
  • Brings fortune to gamblers

Color Aventurine is mostly found in a soft green color but is also commonly found in a semi-translucent to opaque finish with mica flecks. The beautiful gemstones contain small crystals that reflect the light to give them a mysterious and magical range of colors including silver, yellow, reddish brown, greenish-brown, bluish green and orange.

Birthstone Aventurine is the birthstone for Taurus. Find a gift for him or her!

Wedding Anniversary Aventurine is the anniversary gemstone for the 8th year of marriage.

Aventurine bracelet

The Healing Qualities of Aventurine Stone Aventurine has numerous healing qualities which amplifies energy depending on the color. Greens strengthen the muscle tissue and improve blood circulation whilst dark green is particularly good for purifying vital organs. It is particularly used for curing fear and anxiety and increasing libido.

Types of Aventurine Used for Healing When used for healing, dark green Aventurine stones focus on the most distressed organ and fill it with healing energy to restore harmony. Once that organ has been uplifted Aventurine stones automatically move on to the next most distressed organ until it has revitalized all your vital organs.

Aventurine Mystical Powers Aventurine is ideal for everyday use and is used for dispelling fear and anxiety in order to increase confidence and bring tranquility to the user, especially during meditation and prayer. In particularly it has a reputation of boosting the wearer´s confidence in a social environment thus aventurine in jewelry is an ideal gift for shy girls.

The History of Aventurine Stones Aventurine has been used for numerous things throughout the centuries.  It is documented in historical records that this genuinely gifted healing stone has been used for all kinds of healing purposes and is specifically known to reduce stress and develop confidence. In Tibet it was used to develop creativity and help people see the bigger picture of their situation. In Russia in was used for making all manner of household objects including, candelabras, pipes, vases and bowls.

It has also been a custom to assign aventurine with various Saints, most famously the patron saint of Scotland, Andrew. For this reason the gem has been a popular choice of stone in talismans.

The Name’s Origin

Aventurine derives its name from Italian word, per avventurawhich means by chance – as this is how it was discovered.

Aventurine pendantCare and Treatment

Translucent aventurine often fades in the sun and should therefore be stored in a dark place. It is fairly durable, but best cleaned using a damp cloth.

Aventurine Around the World

Aventurine is found in Brazil, India, China, Japan, Russia, Tanzania and the USA, though the most extensive reserves are mined from the Ural Mountains in Russia.

The Ideal Gift Aventurine is a great gift for couples as it is known to improve blood circulation and give your libido a boost. Aventurine also releases fear and anxiety so is a useful gift for friends lacking in some self-confidence. Although you may not want to encourage a gambling addiction you can at least minimize the risk of failure with a gift of aventurine as this gemstone brings good luck to gamblers. 

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