Cancer Gift Ideas for Him

June 21-July 22

Cancer Gift Ideas for Him

While Cancers tend to be self-centered and oversensitive, their difficult natures are quickly overlooked because they are extremely dependable and loyal friends.

The Cancer in your life will undoubtedly want a small intimate get together where they can feel special without being overwhelmed. Cancers can often be on the shy side, especially in youth, this is why a large or overwhelming party could be the last thing they want on their birthday, or for any other celebration.

Cancers are traditionalist, nothing too wild or off the wall for them—in fact they tend to even be secretive because they don’t wish to indulge others in their inner thoughts and feelings. On guard about their own emotions, Cancer is great at listening to others and making them feel better. This attentive sign enjoys catering to others so much that when all needs are meet, Cancer can start to feel useless and thus become in a bad mood.

Cancer tends to be old fashioned in relationships, as they don’t like to make the first move. If you are a male dating a female Cancer you will definitely have to wow her over and make the first move. If you are a female dating a male cancer, even if you have effortlessly got him hooked, you still might have to make the first move in order to seal the deal because he is afraid of rejection. Once in a relationship with a Cancer you will realize how loyal and romantic they are. There is so much good in the heart of a Cancer, as their friend, family member or lover, you undoubtedly benefit in many ways; show your appreciation with a perfect present for Cancer!

Cancer Gift Ideas for Him

BBQ Grill

A BBQ grill will make any Cancer man happy in multiple ways! It offers something for him and also a new way to please others- by cooking for them!  Bring along everything you need for the perfect BBQ when you present the gift and it will make the entire surprise even more exciting.


Coleman Road Trip Grill

Under $200!

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Cuisinart Griddler

Under $100!

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Weber Smokey Joe Grills

Under $50!

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Nice Shoes

Sophistication is something Cancer always enjoys especially when it comes to their shoes because shoes are practical—and therefore playing on two of their personality characteristics is sure to win them over!


Kenneth Cole Reaction Men’s Oxford

Available in black and brown, priced from $70

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Timberland Men’s Premium Boot

Available in a variety of colors, priced from $93

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Diesel Men’s Basket Butch Boot

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Comfort and Security

A nice sweatshirt offers Cancer something warm and comfortable to hide in– although these sweaters are so good looking they will really make the wearer stand out!

RVCA Hoodie Sweatshirt for Men

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Champion Men’s Eco Fleece Pullover

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Carhartt Men’s Thermal Lined Hooded Zip Front Sweatshirt

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Auto Accessories

The male Cancer likes everything to be perfect, including his car, therefore gift him something for his beloved automobile and he will be plenty happy!


Garmin Portable Friction Mount

If you’ve noticed that Cancer has a GPS device that is a separate entity from their actual vehicle, this portable GPS device friction mount is the perfect gift to give, especially if they do not currently have a functional spot for their GPS device. Other similar devices pale in comparison to how well this one works—plus it’s under $30!

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garmin portablefrictionmountforgpsincar



Don’t already have the GPS Device?

The latest Garmin model is listed at under $180!

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Commute Mate Dash Grip

Never drop your keys, cell phone, or spare change again with this handy accessory.

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Jump-N-Carry Ultraportable 12-Volt Jump Starter with Light

This is the handiest thing to have in your car! If you ever break down, having jumper cables alone might not help you… but this awesome device will jump-start your car all on its own. Plus, it does a lot more, all for under $65!

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