Cancer Gift Ideas For Her

June 21-July 22

Cancer Gift Ideas for Her 

While Cancers tend to be self-centered and oversensitive, their difficult natures are quickly overlooked because they are extremely dependable and loyal friends.

The Cancer in your life will undoubtedly want a small intimate get together where they can feel special without being overwhelmed. Cancers can often be on the shy side, especially in youth, this is why a large or overwhelming party could be the last thing they want on their birthday, or for any other celebration.

Cancers are traditionalist, nothing too wild or off the wall for them—in fact they tend to even be secretive because they don’t wish to indulge others in their inner thoughts and feelings. On guard about their own emotions, Cancer is great at listening to others and making them feel better. This attentive sign enjoys catering to others so much that when all needs are meet, Cancer can start to feel useless and thus become in a bad mood.

Cancer tends to be old fashioned in relationships, as they don’t like to make the first move. If you are a male dating a female Cancer you will definitely have to wow her over and make the first move. If you are a female dating a male cancer, even if you have effortlessly got him hooked, you still might have to make the first move in order to seal the deal because he is afraid of rejection. Once in a relationship with a Cancer you will realize how loyal and romantic they are. There is so much good in the heart of a Cancer, as their friend, family member or lover, you undoubtedly benefit in many ways; show your appreciation with a perfect present for Cancer!


Cancer Gift Ideas for Her

Anything Goes with Sterling Silver!

Cancer is known for their attraction to silver, a fairly inexpensive, yet beautiful metal that will make for a lovely gift.


Rainbow Moonstone Oval Polished Sterling Silver Ring

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 sterlingsilvermoonstoneovalringSterling Silver Wishbone Pendant

Make-a-wish with this delicate and 100% affordable pendant!

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Sterling Silver Plated Ring 

This sterling silver plated ring is colored rose gold with a Morganite and diamond embellishment, not only is it to-die-for gorgeous but it’s under $90!

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Pamper Her with At Home Spa Days

Everyone loves to be pampered, Cancer included! In the busy day to day shuffle there isn’t always time for a trip to the Day Spa, but these gifts solve that problem with at-home luxury!


Spa Therapy Kit Relax

All of this luxury for under $25!

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Portable Turbo Spa

This awesome and affordable device allows anyone to have a luxury back massage in the bathtub!

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portable jet for spa


Heat Paraffin Spa Bath

Allow your Cancer to get rid of dry skin and relieve pain without visiting any pricey beauty salon with this at home system.

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Personalize It With Photos!

Anything doted in familiar photos of the people Cancer loves will add that personal touch they crave to an already special present.


Travel Photo Mug

Comes with a bonus personalized photo keychain free of charge!

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Photo Mug

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Photo Pens

They say a photo is worth 1,000 words…

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Photo Frame Perfect For Aunts!

For the special Aunts out there.

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Send Her to Kitchen Heaven

If the Cancer you admire is not into frivolous things, try something practical that they can use around the house, like a Kitchen Aid Blender. Cancers enjoy cooking and entertaining, make the task even easier for them with any of the following perfect kitchen-friendly gift ideas!


Kitchen Aid Blender

Pink is one of the many fun colors this awesome and long-lasting blender is available in, plus this Kitchen-Aid Blender classifies as one of the ‘most wanted’ gifts of the year!

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12 Piece Cookware Set

Priced at under $200 for the whole set!

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Fondu Anyone?

This Cuisinart fondu maker is certain to please and really step up the level of cooking and entertaining any Cancer can do!

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