Gemini Gift Ideas For Him

May 21-June 21 

Gemini Gift Ideas For Him

Gemini is known as the “twin” sign, they are said to be two personalities trapped in one body. For Gemini’s, life can be a battle between what they feel and how they think they should feel. Keep this in mind when buying them a present. They are going to want something that is not only special to them but something that others would think of as special too. Conflicted about their own feelings, if others envy the gift you purchase a Gemini, they will assume they should be in awe of it as well.

These fast moving, deep thinkers are in need of constant stimulation or else they develop instant boredom. Often known as the life of the party, Gemini is among the first to flirt or spark trouble. Despite being super social, this sign can be hard to reach at a deeper, more emotional level. For this reason, make their gift something boisterous and fun loving, instead of serious and mushy-gushy. In-depth material is too much for a Gemini; they don’t understand why people need to get so deep about stuff when showing love can instead be so carefree and simple!

It’s this easy going nature that makes adventure a thing on their radar at all times, the more spontaneous the better! Meeting new people does not intimidate Gemini one bit; they are very good at making quick friends with people they have never even met before. Their high energy propels them through the crowd, as their love of talking keeps them mingling with many. Although Gemini is not wasting their time talking about fluff, oh no—Gemini is highly educated and likes to learn new things, therefore they constantly have to obtain new information which they then like to share with others. Don’t mistake them for an annoying Chatty-Kathy, Gemini knows how to listen to others just as well as they know how to talk, making them excellent company at any event. Their social tendencies and ability to truly understand others make them excellent team players, either at work or out on the field.

Getting into a fight with a Gemini is not the hassle of, oh say, arguing with a Scorpio. Unlike many of the other astrological signs, Gemini is a very open minded sign that tries to seek insight on all angles of an argument. When in disagreement with them, they will be able to put everything into perspective, leaving out emotion in order to take proper action. Reward open-minded Gemini with the perfect gift.

Gemini Gift Ideas For Him

Psychedelic Film

Any male Gemini will enjoy a mind-bending movie or two!

Requiem For a Dream

This hugely famous film starring Jennifer Connelly and Ellen Burstyn is sure to stick with whoever watches it for long after the TV is turned off. A drug movie unlike any other, this film creeps under your skin, taking a look at the underlying habits of human nature and addiction.

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Another classic film awarded 3 Academy Awards for Best Picture now available on Blu-Ray disc.

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Magazine Subscription

A subscription is a great gift because it keeps on giving, usually on a monthly basis—therefore, your gift is appreciated time after time throughout the year. In order to make the most of this, gift a subscription that will teach Gemini something new and exciting on a regular basis.

The Year in Science Discover Magazine

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Science News Magazine

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The New Republic Magazine 

This magazine is not as well known as many others, but it is thus far a success with a focus on politics, the arts, and current international affairs.

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Camping & Travel Gear

Since Gemini enjoys a good adventure, anything that has to do with camping or traveling is sure to delight.


Wenzel Pine Ridge Tent

This tent costs under $100 and fits 4-5 people, plus it also has a divider that makes it into 2 rooms!

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The NorthFace Hiking Backpack

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Cenzo Duffle Bag

This high class, durable bag is perfect for weekend getaways, plus it will last and last! Which is a good thing considering the flighty nature of Gemini is sure to keep it constantly in use!

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Help Get the Party Started

Gemini typically enjoys entertaining their friends; help them do an even better job of keeping attendees happy with any one of the following gifts that add to the party! Not to worry, Gemini will enjoy them plenty too—as all can be used with or without a house full of guests.


Popcorn Machine

Enjoy giving a gift that is well under $100, has great reviews, and provides a constant belly full of fresh popped popcorn!

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Hot Dog Roller

Make game day even more exciting, your Gemini can use this hot dog roller to prepare some dogs just like if he were at the game instead of watching it at home! Best part? It’s listed under $30!

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Classic Ballpark Game

Food is not the only thing a party needs, games like this one help keep everyone entertained as well! This one in particular is fashioned after Fenway park, although other options are available.

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