Gemini Gift Ideas For Her

May 21-June 21 

Gemini Gift Ideas For Her

Gemini is known as the “twin” sign, they are said to be two personalities trapped in one body. For Gemini’s, life can be a battle between what they feel and how they think they should feel. Keep this in mind when buying them a present. They are going to want something that is not only special to them but something that others would think of as special too. Conflicted about their own feelings, if others envy the gift you purchase a Gemini, they will assume they should be in awe of it as well.

These fast moving, deep thinkers are in need of constant stimulation or else they develop instant boredom. Often known as the life of the party, Gemini is among the first to flirt or spark trouble. Despite being super social, this sign can be hard to reach at a deeper, more emotional level. For this reason, make their gift something boisterous and fun loving, instead of serious and mushy-gushy. In-depth material is too much for a Gemini; they don’t understand why people need to get so deep about stuff when showing love can instead be so carefree and simple!

It’s this easy going nature that makes adventure a thing on their radar at all times, the more spontaneous the better! Meeting new people does not intimidate Gemini one bit; they are very good at making quick friends with people they have never even met before. Their high energy propels them through the crowd, as their love of talking keeps them mingling with many. Although Gemini is not wasting their time talking about fluff, oh no—Gemini is highly educated and likes to learn new things, therefore they constantly have to obtain new information which they then like to share with others. Don’t mistake them for an annoying Chatty-Kathy, Gemini knows how to listen to others just as well as they know how to talk, making them excellent company at any event. Their social tendencies and ability to truly understand others make them excellent team players, either at work or out on the field.

Getting into a fight with a Gemini is not the hassle of, oh say, arguing with a Scorpio. Unlike many of the other astrological signs, Gemini is a very open minded sign that tries to seek insight on all angles of an argument. When in disagreement with them, they will be able to put everything into perspective, leaving out emotion in order to take proper action. Reward open-minded Gemini with the perfect gift.


Gemini Gift Ideas For Her

Minnetonka Moccasin

Comfortable and down to earth but also very stylish and trendy—these moccasins last year after year and know no boundaries, they are the perfect accessory when dressing in the summer, spring, fall or winter!


Classic Style Minnetonka

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Hi-Top Trendy Minnetonka

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Minnetonka Women’s 3-Layer Fringe Boot

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Natural Flicker LED Candles

The flighty nature of Gemini might burn down the house when they rush out to do something without blowing out the candles first, but with the much safer option of LED candles, your Gemini is no longer in danger! Not to mention, since they are yellow and blue (naturally calming colors for Gemini) they will work extra wonders calming down Gemini who tends to be worked up and full of anxiety.

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Give Her the Dirt

Gossip Books, tell all’s, and any book full of juicy material is loved by Gemini who wants to know the dirt on everything and everyone!


Confessions of a Backup Dancer

What really goes on behind stage at some of the biggest shows, concerts, and productions on earth? Gemini won’t know until after reading this highly-rated tell-all!

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Bunny Tales: Behind Closed Doors at the Playboy Mansion

If one has ever watched the reality TV show, The Girl’s Next Door, this book is an insider look at how things really run inside of Hef’s mansion. Although things are not as peachy as the show makes them appear. Warning: the reader must ignore a lot of grammatical errors in order to get through the book!

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bunny tales what it'slikeinsideplayboymansion


Confessions of a Cosmetic Dentist

No longer practicing, this former cosmetic dentist puts it all out on the table; a must read for all!

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Inspirational Jewelry

Jewelry is known for being glamorous, but can it really be inspirational? A bracelet, ring, necklace, or brooch should reflect Gemini’s desire to travel and explore the world over and then yes, jewelry really can be inspirational.


Vintage Globe Binoculars World Explorer Necklace

Under $10, this necklace is delicate, beautiful, and awe-inspiring.

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Sterling Silver “Be the Change…” Ring

“Be the change you wish to see in the world…” is engraved on this special gift.

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 bethechangeringTelescope Necklace

The gold hue of this beautiful Dean Davidson necklace is enhanced by the black onyx meaningfully secured at the eye of the telescope; anyone interested in adventure, the unknown, and the world itself—in other words, almost all female Gemini’s—will love this necklace.

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