IoliteIolite Helps Kick Addictions

Iolite is a rich and majestic gemstone and possesses powerful healing abilities.  Reputed to support heavy drinkers in all aspects of their rehabilitation, it is surely one of the most important healers of the 21st century. One of the lesser known gemstones and stunningly beautiful, Iolite is surely about to experience a revolution.


 Description:  Iolite is another name for the mineral Cordierite and is the most common variety of the group. The most striking feature is its alluring pleochroism property which produce an optical phenomenon by which the grains of stone appear in different colors from different angles.

 Power Qualities of Iolite Healing Stones: 

  • Helps fight addiction, especially alcoholism
  • Encourages a person to understand their position and take responsibility for it
  • Reduces codependency
  • Stimulates visions
  • Clears thoughts
  • Opens intuition

Color:  In its natural form Iolite is the deepest violet but will change color to the naked eye when the gems pleocroism plays tricks with the light. When this happens the top of the gem will glow a golden yellow whereas if you turn it on its side it is as clear as still water.

Birthstone:  Iolite is the birthstone for Taurus. Find a gift for him or her!

Wedding anniversary:  Buy Iolite as the perfect gift to celebrate a 21st wedding anniversary.

The Healing Qualities of Iolite Stone:  The primary use for Iolite is in its healing ability for alcoholism.  It works in the physical effects of the toxicity that builds up in the liver.  It helps the addict begin to value sobriety by deeply working with the dynamics of why the addict has the habit. Once this is established it will ease the feeling of codependency and smooth over the discord in the relationship between the addict and the addiction by teaching the addict to take responsibility for themselves rather than seeking comfort in alcohol. Iolite flushes out fatty deposits in the body and is used as a liver detoxifier that will help to regenerate the organ. Iolite can also be used to ease sore throats, varicose veins and blisters and has been known to heal malaria.

Iolite necklace

Types of Iolite Used for Healing:  All specimens of Iolite are very effective healers.

Iolite Mystical Powers:  Iolite is a shamanic stone reputed to stimulate visions as it is a very powerful aid for clearing the mind of thoughts and tuning the intuition. The positive energies will help guide you during meditation and allow you to connect with your soul so you can get a better understanding of who you are and what your purpose is in life on earth. Use this stone to guide you through difficult periods of your life.

The History of Iolite Stones:  It is thought that Iolite is the Sunstone of Norse mythology.  Nordic legend describes Leif Erikson and other legendary Vikings how Iolite was used to help them navigate the Atlantic Ocean by using the slithers of light to help them determine the position of the sun.

The Name’s Origin:  Iolite is also referred to as cordierlite and in ancient times as Water Sapphire.  The word Iolite comes from the Greek word “los”meaning Violet.

Care and Treatment:  Iolite has a hardness rating of 7.5 and should be cleaned gently under cold running water.  Store in a dark place as sunlight can fade the intensity of the stones color.

Iolite ringIolite around the World:  Today, most Iolite on the market comes from Sri Lanka, Burma, India, Madagascar and Brazil. Deposits are found in the Laramie Range of Wyoming, USA and dates back over 1000 million years to the precambrian era.  These are known to contain more than 500,000 tons of Iolite.

The Ideal Gift:  Iolite is the ideal gift for somebody who is attempting to kick alcohol addiction or is looking to heighten alternative states of mind through spiritual and meditative means. The mystical powers of this gem will help them understand the esoteric wisdom they need to connect with their soul.

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