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The Jacinth stone is a sophisticated orange sparkler with a reputation of being one of the earth´s finest gemstones in history. This semi precious stone is said to instill wisdom, attract great riches and possess medicinal properties. Jacinth is quite rightly regarded as an enchanting beauty.

 Description:  Jacinth is made up of zirconium silicate and its hue spans the entire red/orange spectrum. In essence it contains the most incandescent of fire sparkles. Comparable in their radiance to fire-opals, they glint bewitching colors throughout their transparency. Zircons reflect light in the most dazzling of fashion; some sparkle almost as brightly as diamonds. Jacinth gems are mostly found in spectacular jewelry.

 Power Qualities of Jacinth Healing Stones: 

  • Calms fever
  • Settles stomach complaints
  • Is an antidote to poison
  • Stimulates hunger and appetite
  • Guards against nightmares
  • Strengthens self esteem
  • Wards the attentions of witches
  • Protects property against theft
  • Attracts wealth
  • Instills wisdom

Color:  Jacinth gemstones can be the palest of yellow- oranges right through to the deepest lustrous reds. They also come in an almost brown-like citrine.

Varieties:  Jacinth is the orange variety of Zircon. It can be transparent red, orange, and yellow colors. Zircon gemstone are also found in blue and called  Starlite or Siam Zircon, while the third variety is known as Ceylon or Matura diamond which is colorless.

Birthstone:  There are many theories about the origins of birthstones, one of which is from the gemstones from Aaron´s breastplate in Exodus.  Jacinth is listed as the seventh gemstone. Along with turquoise is it considered to be the birthstone of Scorpio and Sagittarius.



Wedding Anniversary:  Jacinth or Zircon semiprecious stones are the traditional gifts to be given for the 19th wedding anniversary, as is Bronz.

The Healing Qualities of Jacinth Stone:  Jacinth is believed to instill peaceful sleep and ward of nightmares. It cleanses the stomach and releases the clenches of poison.  It calms indigestion.

Types of Jacinth Used for Healing:  It may be of use to know that the more red colored semi precious stones would come under the healing properties of the Sun, so that would be energy generally. In particular oedema, digestion and poor circulation are invigorated by sun energy.

Jacinth Mystical Powers:  Jacinth is said to be able to ward off evil and protect your property from theft. It helps to lift and protect you spiritually.  It instills deep wisdom and attracts great riches.  Most impressively though, Jacinth gemstones are believed to be barometers of health; their luster fades as health deteriorates.

The History of Jacinth Stones:  It is known that Zircon has been used for many thousands of years in jewelry – and weaponry.  It is cited in two of the most important passages in the bible as a “jewel of wondrous status.”  In the book of Exodus, God told Moses his brother Aaron was to be High Priest and described a tunic that was to be made “For Beauty and Glory”. The breastplate was inlaid with 12 stones, one to represent each of the 12 tribes of Israel in the order of their birth. Jacinth was the 7th stone attributed to Ephraim.

Later in Revelations a passage describes the Jacinth as being one of the Foundation stones of the New Temple of Jerusalem in Heaven.

Jacinth earringsThe Name’s Origin:  Jacinth comes from the word Hyacinth, named after the deep blue color of the flowers. Jacinth comes in so many colors that jeweler´s decided that they had to choose just the one orange colored zircon to use.

Care and Treatment:  Given its psychical vibrations, keep your gemstone in a dark velvet pouch. To wash, hold it under a cool running tap for several minutes.  It has a hardness score of just 7, which means that it can chip quite easily so care should be taken when handling.  Try to choose settings where the stone is protected.

Jacinth Around the World:  Jacinth is fairly common being igneous sedimentary rock and gems are often found in the gravel deposits of streams and on sandy beaches.  It is mined in Africa and Asia. A large reserve was found in Australia in 2004 which has a particular fine grade of the stone.  It is also found in Europe and in large amounts in Scandinavia especially Norway.

The Ideal Gift:  This is the perfect gift for a 19th wedding anniversary, or for a November birthday. A pendant made from Jacinth makes a potent amulet of protection for anyone involved in occultism. On the other end of the scale, perhaps you know a Christian who is struggling to be steadfast in their faith?  It makes a beautifully healing gift for troubled souls.

It would also make a discrete and thoughtful gift for anyone who has fallen victim to anorexia, stimulating their appetite, building their self esteem and heightening wisdom about their illness.

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