JasperAlluring Jasper is a Mercurial Healer

The vibrant colors of Jasper bring contentment and whisper the secrets of the primeval energies that emanate from the earth. This mercurial gemstone will bless you with joy and tranquility and protect you from danger. Its dark smoldering colors and bright fiery hues make jasper a striking yet affordable gift.

 Description:  Jasper is a form of chalcedony, which means it is an opaque form of silica.  It can be very highly polished which brings out the glorious colors and beautiful veining’s which run through the stone. With a plethora of colors and patterns to choose from Jasper gemstones a versatile gift and an elegant way to compliment your wardrobe.

 Power Qualities of Jasper Healing Stones: 

  • Helps with sexual problems in particular frigidity and premature ejaculation
  • Calms digestive problems
  • Purifies the blood
  • Is grounding, helps to stabilize the wearer to the reality of their situation.
  • Promotes organization skills and creativity
  • Promotes loyalty
  • Releases fear and brings hidden emotions to the surface
  • Protects against evil spirits
  • Wards off snakes


Color:  It is almost impossible to describe the appearance of Jasper as it changes color in accordance with other deposits it has absorbed. In the main the stones tend to be   browns, reds, oranges, yellows or greens.

Varieties:  There are many varieties of Jasper and each boasts its own unique characteristics with radiance.

 Black Jasper is sometimes referred to as Blackstone.

  • Black Veined Jasper is grey with black vein-like strands, sometimes referred to as Spider or Zebra Jasper because of these markings.
  • Dalmation Jasper is light brown with black spots.
  • Brecciated Jasper contains hematite; the red variety is sometimes called Poppy Jasper.
  • Picture Jasper is brown with dark brown and black markings.  It is called Picture because it is said to look like the contour lines of the landscape


Jasper is the birthstone for birthdays in October, so if you are thinking of buying it for a gift for someone they are likely to be either Libra of Scorpio.


Wedding Anniversary:  Jasper does not have a specific wedding anniversary attached to it, but the 12th year should be celebrated with a colored gemstone.

The Healing Qualities of Jasper Stone:  There are so many varieties of different types of Jaspers all with their own refinement of healing qualities.  It is ruled by the planet of Aries which is the planet of action.  It grounds people who are threatening to run away with themselves without thinking things through properly.

Like many other semiprecious stones it will help the flow of energy around the body, and balances yin/yang. Jasper is particularly good for the digestive system and is also used to purify the blood. Its most important property is that it will heighten and prolong sexual pleasure.

Types of Jasper Used for Healing: 

The gorgeous red gemstone helps people who feel overwhelmed by their situation.  Fancy Jasper, by contrast, encourages the wearer to see life from a lighter perspective and enjoy themselves a little more. 

Jasper’s Mystical Powers:  Jasper is reputed to give protection for evil spirits and from snakes. This could be because the gemstone is believed to improve communications with animals.  It is also often used to treat people who have allergies to animals. It is a lovely stone for marriages, as it brings faithfulness and joy to relationships.

The History of Jasper Stones:  Jasper is recorded to be found in jewelry since the dawn of civilization.  The ancient Babylonians and Assyrians wore beautiful long necklaces in their ceremonies to ward off evil and throughout history Shamans have worn jasper to channel the pure energy of the sun to protect them in the darkness of their journeying. The gem is also present in many artifacts discovered from ancient Egypt.

The Name’s Origin:  Jasper means speckled stone. It is uncertain whether the name is derived from the old French word Jaspre or the Greek Iaspis.

jasper ringCare and Treatment: 

Take care when cleaning your gem as the shine will come off in water.  Use a soft cloth to polish the stone.

Jasper Around the World:  Jasper is found right across the globe, but most notably in the US states of Utah, California and Oregon.

The Ideal Gift:  Jasper makes an ideal wedding gift, but also makes a beautiful talisman for anyone who is traveling abroad – especially of course where there are snakes!  Your gesture of protection and promotion of joy and lightness of spirit is a touching way to say Bon Voyage.

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