Leo Gift Ideas for Him

July 23- August 22

Leo Gift Ideas for Him  

The lion represents the Leo astrological sign. The lion is one of the fiercest predators, sitting near the top of the food chain; these beautiful beasts are inferior to nearly no one. Yet, if you are a part of their pack, they will protect you even if that means risking their own life. Far less beastly, but just as dominant and loyal, is astrology sign Leo.

The Leo you are seeking a gift for is likely one of your most faithful friends, someone you can always depend on… even if that means putting up with their controlling mannerisms sometimes! If your Leo is wealthy, you know how they can splurge—and also, how generously they share the wealth with others. With or without money, Leo’s have an ostentatious affinity for the finer things in life, a love they enjoy sharing with others.

When purchasing a gift for a Leo, this information is so important! Brand names mean something to people who like glitz and glam; in other words, don’t get them the ‘cheaper’ version, they will notice! But this doesn’t mean Leos’ are all snobs, not at all actually. In fact, Leo’s are some of the broadest thinkers, they are understanding and would love a gift that comes from the heart just as much as a designer pair of jeans. Still, if you have the money to spend, be kind to your Leo. They are kind to you, which is one of the reasons they can’t stand stingy people– they simply don’t understand them.

There is nothing Leo hates more than day-to-day living; the monotony can drive them mad. Therefore, planning something out of the ordinary for your Leo will never fail. Born in the peak of summer, if it’s a Leo’s birthday you are planning for, there will be an overabundance of outdoor concerts and fair grounds to treat them to. Even the local amusement park will do, although it’s not highly recommended to take Leo some place they have been more than a few times. Keep in mind, the fresher the experience, the more enthused a Leo will be about being there. Happy gift-giving!

Golfing Galore

Golf is a sport of champs, perfectly suited to the high-end tastes of many Leos. Golf also offers Leo a chance to get outdoors, socialize, and embark in some competition, all of which makes them happy.


Pride Sports Auto Putting Matt

For only $30 you can gift this automatic putting mat that will allow Leo to improve their game and add a little fun into their home!

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Callaway Golf Balls 12 Pack

Nice golf balls are great to have but a pain in the neck to buy, especially knowing that they might just disappear off course during the next round of golf! Receiving golf balls as a gift is both a relief and a pleasurable experience.

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ProActive Sports Trunk Golf Gear Organizer

This golf gear organizer listed at $30 will help keep any Leo’s car nice and organized, allowing them to have their golfing accessories on them whenever the urge to go hit some balls strikes!

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Men’s Jewelry

The luxury loving side of Leo will greatly appreciate a jewelry statement piece, even men like jewelry and these days more and more men are wearing it in bulkier fashion.


Stainless Steel Men’s Large Cross Pendant

For any man with room for faith in his heart, this stainless steel men’s cross pendant is a great deal for $40 .

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Knot Cufflinks

These quality Knot Cufflinks come in a luxury gift box, making them prepackaged perfection in more ways than one! They are currently listed at $17.

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Bulova Men’s Diamond Black Dial Watch

Listed at $225, this diamond Bulova watch is a statement piece no Leo will be able to resist!

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Cell Phone Case

Every day we look at our phones, pick up our phones, and even drop our phones! The cases that protect them quickly become scuffed and boring to look at. Even if your Leo has a nice-looking case on his iPhone now, he will be bored of it within no time. Especially taking into consideration how quickly Leo’s attention wanders. A cell phone case is always a great gift because at some point it is going to be needed, used, and enjoyed. It’s also a highly affordable option for gift-seekers on a budget.


OtterBox Defender Series IPhone 4 Cell Phone Case

This case comes in a number of different colors and is listed at nearly half of the suggested retail price, $28

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OtterBox Green and Blue Defender Case for IPhone 5

This OtterBox case for the latest iPhone 5 also comes in a variety of colors and is listed at $25.00.

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Body Glove Cell Phone Case for Samsung Galaxy III

This Body Glove Cell case for the Samsung Galaxy is listed for a bargain price of only $11!

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Latest Technology Gadgets

Since Leo strives to be the best in everything, any gift that helps him efficiently get ahead will be appreciated—take a mini-lap top or tablet for example. Unfortunately, technology is expensive and Leo might be lusting after some high-tech gadgets he can’t afford. Here are some of the most wanted gadgets now!


Kindle Fire HD Tablet

This tablet starts at only $199, going up according to a number of different optional features. That’s the best deal for a tablet on the market—this is comparable to the iPad mini, only better and offered at a much more competitive price.

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Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

If the Leo on your mind already has an iPad, try getting them this wires-free Bluetooth keyboard. This will make their iPad as practical as a laptop and is listed at $17.

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Polaroid Instant Print Photo Camera

Press flash and this camera not only takes great photos but it prints out a business card sized copy of each photo taken. This totally cool gift is listed at $70. Add 4 AA batteries and a roll of Polaroid film to make this gift even more of a homerun win!

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