Leo Gift Ideas For Her

July 23- August 22

Leo Gift Ideas for Her 

The lion represents the Leo astrological sign. The lion is one of the fiercest predators, sitting near the top of the food chain; these beautiful beasts are inferior to nearly no one. Yet, if you are a part of their pack, they will protect you even if that means risking their own life. Far less beastly, but just as dominant and loyal, is astrology sign Leo.

The Leo you are seeking a gift for is likely one of your most faithful friends, someone you can always depend on… even if that means putting up with their controlling mannerisms sometimes! If your Leo is wealthy, you know how they can splurge—and also, how generously they share the wealth with others. With or without money, Leo’s have an ostentatious affinity for the finer things in life, a love they enjoy sharing with others.

When purchasing a gift for a Leo, this information is so important! Brand names mean something to people who like glitz and glam; in other words, don’t get them the ‘cheaper’ version, they will notice! But this doesn’t mean Leos’ are all snobs, not at all actually. In fact, Leo’s are some of the broadest thinkers, they are understanding and would love a gift that comes from the heart just as much as a designer pair of jeans. Still, if you have the money to spend, be kind to your Leo. They are kind to you, which is one of the reasons they can’t stand stingy people– they simply don’t understand them.

There is nothing Leo hates more than day-to-day living; the monotony can drive them mad. Therefore, planning something out of the ordinary for your Leo will never fail. Born in the peak of summer, if it’s a Leo’s birthday you are planning for, there will be an overabundance of outdoor concerts and fair grounds to treat them to. Even the local amusement park will do, although it’s not highly recommended to take Leo some place they have been more than a few times. Keep in mind, the fresher the experience, the more enthused a Leo will be about being there. Happy gift-giving!


Leo Gift Ideas for Her

Fine Jewelry

Leo’s love of power and control make luxury items a must-have. In our society, money equates to power, therefore some Leos (you know who you are) view aesthetics as a key to maintaining their reputation. A statement piece that helps Leo stand out from the crowd will surprise and delight.


Invicta Women’s Diamond Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

Adorned in diamonds this gorgeous watch is listed for a bargain price of $110!

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Pear Drop Amethyst Crystal Earrings

These earrings really make a statement, no one will ever know they only cost $36.95!

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African Turquoise Claw Statement Ring

$150 and worth every penny!

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Playful Accessories

Leo’s are known for adoring children, often times this means they have a playful side. Messing around with color and funky textiles is 100% appropriate in most Leo wardrobes, don’t stick with the boring or “classic” pieces everyone already has, instead pick a statement piece that is as adventurous and unique as your Leo is.


Cupcake Cookie Jar

Adorable and only $11, this cupcake cookie jar makes the perfect gift!

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Ted Baker Travel Kit Bag

Ted Baker is a brand name sure to please Leo’s taste for the fancier designers, while the cute bow will pay heritage to their childish inner-nature; all for under $50!

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No matter how old or young one is, a beanbag is always nice to have around!  This 3-feet sky cozy sac is listed at $100, it is highly rated by customers which is actually rather uncommon when it comes to beanbags.

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3 feet cozybeanbag


Who doesn’t like to cozy up in their jammies? Pajamas are a fail-proof gift, especially in prints this cute!


Hue Sleepwear Women’s Knit Notched Pajama

Starting at $37, this heart pajama set by Hue is adorable from head to toe!

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Betsey Johnson House Booties Leopard

Starting at $15, these booties for around the house are cute, comfy, and so in style!

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Pet Accessories

Leo’s love their pets just as much as they love themselves. If they have children, well then the same goes for them too! A sure way to flatter a Leo is to flatter the people they love—may that be children, pets, or anything else.


Snuggie for Dogs

Don’t let the family dog get cold; wrap him or her up snug in a snuggie for dogs! Surprisingly, currently this is listed at $4— but who knows how long this deeply discounted price will last!

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Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater, XL

Big dogs don’t need to feel left out of the sweater trend; not with this adorable ‘boyfriend’ sweater in size XL, listed at $24.

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For anyone that has a dog, a Chuckit will provide nonstop fun for both pet and human, these things really add a spin to the traditional game of ‘go fetch,’ this smartly designed device helps toss tennis balls further and faster than ever before—all without tiring out the handlers’ arm!

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Leo likes things to be all about them, so create a scrapbook of old memories and moments. This work of art will show true dedication, it takes a lot of creative effort to make one. Also, it will be a great thing to share at a party because not only will Leo have the present forever, but they will get an extra special, and unexpected, dose of attention as everyone ‘owes and awes’ over the scrapbook. Any one of the following kits will help you get started!


The Happy Couple Scrapbook Kit

Save money buying paper and decorative stickers in bulk, all of this is listed at $10!

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Mega Family Scrapbook Kit

This family themed kit even comes with the actual scrapbook—a total steal for $16!

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Fruit & Flower Friends and Lovers Scrapbook

Listed at only $16, and that includes the scrapbook, stickers, embellishments and decorative paper!

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