Sept. 23-Oct. 23

Libra common features:

Element: Air
Ruler: Venus 
The main gemstone: 

Personal qualities: Ego sublimation. Cooperativeness. Businesslike. Persuasive. Just.

Libra and Health

Expecting a good life Librans easily become depressed whenever difficulties arise and can suffer from severe headaches in their mental efforts to resolve the problems. When a Librans are unhappy they tend to overeat. Librans have a generally strong constitution but their kidneys and bladder may let them down in the middle of a later life due to their fondness for wining and dining.

Body parts and organs: Adrenals, kidneys, skin and lumbar nerves.
Diseases: Kidney and bladder disorders, eczema and skin diseases.

Libra and Wealth

Preferring work and projects with others than alone, the Libran craves a harmonious work place. They dislike problematic situations and will go out of their way to ease any of them.
Librans flourish when surrounded by an aesthetically pleasing environment. In authority they are fair and diplomatic.

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Typical careers include: Counseling, Beauty, Law.
They are good as Judges, Counselors, Lawyers, Poets, Politicians.

Libra and Love

When Libran is in love, both the heart and the head are involved but it is neither detached nor passionate. However, Librans are so concerned with the surface beauty of love that they fail to understand it fully. Librans do not question why they are in love, they merely recognize that they are in love.

Libra Compatibility

Libra is most compatible with: Leo and Sagittarius.
Libra is fairly compatible with: AriesAquarius and Gemini.
Libra is least compatible with: CancerCapricornScorpio and Virgo.

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