February 19 – March 20

Pisces common features:

Element: Water

Ruler: Jupiter 

The main gemstone: Amethyst.

Personal qualities: Emotionally receptive. Self-sacrificial. Impressionable and in discriminative. Vague, sensitive and psychic.

Pisces and Health

The intuitive Piscean will often know when someone is ill, and can even feel their pain. Piscean’s like to remove themselves from reality which is bad for their health, mental and physically. Pisceans tend to suffer from insomnia and nerves. This tendency can result in digestive and minor intestinal difficulties which in turn often cause boils, ulcers and other skin problems. Early nights preceded by relaxing forms of exercise, rather than diet or medication, is usually the most effective treatment.

Disorders of the lymphatic system, bunions, gout and chilblains.

Body parts and organs:
Feet, lymphatic and glandular systems.

Pisces and Wealth

The very varied temperament of a Pisces means that they find it hard to find a direction in life as they often get carried away in their own fantasy world. However, they do think of others and will often choose professions where the welfare of others is concerned. If there is value in what they are doing, they will be devoted to the cause.

Typical careers include: Nursing, Artist, Photography, Music, Theater. They good as Poets, Mystics, Social-workers, Physicists.

piscesPisces and Love

Unselfish submission defines love for the Piscean, who gains more pleasure from giving than from receiving. They often succumb to temptation, and float from one partner to another. In this way, or by refusing any partners, they avoid become hooked by deep emotional commitment. Those who refuse both these directions and take a middle way are richly awarded.

Pisces Compatibility

Pisces are most compatible with: Capricorn and Taurus.
Pisces are fairly compatible with: CancerScorpio and Virgo.
Pisces are least compatible with: AriesAquariusGemini and Sagittarius.

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