Scorpio Gift Ideas for Him

Scorpio: October 23- November 22

Scorpios are strong personalities that require control at all times in order to feel comfortable and safe. These grudge holders only see things in black or white, there is little to no gray which makes them people you don’t want to fight with because they will rarely, if ever, agree to disagree. Although typically seen as ‘tough’ to outsiders, Scorpios are only putting on a show to hide how sensitive they actually are. In fact, when dating a Scorpio one will quickly realize how attached and emotional their Scorpio partner might be towards them. Scorpio does not like feeling too strong of emotions because emotions lead people out of control, therefore they might lash out with anger or act strangely to combat their own inner-feelings—in other words Scorpios are undercover passionate individuals. Due to their complex range of emotions they tend to jump in and out of different moods with no warning, this can feel like a roller coaster for friends and family—although, giving Scorpio a hard time about it will never help because they don’t understand why they do it themselves. Despite all of this, Scorpions are rather loyal and if you have their heart they are yours to keep. And, their desire to control situations and get things done the right way does lead them to be very successful in the work place.

It’s their competitive nature, which makes them fanatical sports fans, and not to mention a team mate you want on your side! Only, if Scorpio losses get prepared for a grumpy individual, as no Scorpio likes to lose. This often proves favorably for them in the work place as their ‘can do’ attitude makes them a quick candidate for a promotion. Scorpios are also keen on details, they like to know the ins and outs of those around them and they are quick to pick up on the little things. Don’t mistake them as nosey or busy bodies though, they are not picking up these intricate details to gossip, they instead just want to know it all in order to better understand their environment.

Warning: Scorpios tend to be grudge holders, therefore coming without a good gift will not be forgotten too quickly!!


1. A Manly Way to Keep Memories

Guarded, but truly emotional, Scorpio men will not enjoy getting a sparkly diary or a heart shaped photo frame but there are other ways to allow Scorpios love of memories be expressed through these manly yet sentimental gift ideas.


The Travelers Journal

If your Scorpio is fortunate enough to travel frequently, this travel book is sure to inspire some great memories being forever remembered.

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Digital Photo Frame

You no longer have to hang up photos in picture frames or past them into scrapbooks– hooray! For scorpio men who like to keep their loved ones close but don’t have time for making picture boards, this digital photo frame will delight.

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2. Get Creative: Make a Scrapbook

Since Scorpio is secretly emotional they will love the lengths you took to create such a nice collection of memories. Starting your scrapbooking with this classic leather bound scrapbook will ensure your final product is suited to any man’s preferences.


Beautiful Brown Leather Scrapbook


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3. Sport Jacket

Sports fuel the competitive urge of all Scorpios, therefore a jacket that suits the needs of someone playing outdoor sports is always ideal!

Men’s Two-Tone Water Resistant Jacket

Having a jacket that is both warm enough to protect you from the elements but light weight enough to allow your skin to breath is only part of the traits a sport jacket needs. It also needs to allow free movement. This golfers windbreaker will do just the trick, and at under $30 it’s practically a steal.

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Columbia Sweater

This Columbia sweater comes in a variety of colors for men, it’s also perfect for the outdoors– lightweight but warm.

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North Face Jacket 

If the pictured bright blue is not for the Scorpio you have in mind, there are a variety of other color options—most of which are in much more classic shades like black and tan.

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4. Tools

Since Scorpio enjoys feeling in control of it all, they are going to need tools on hand at all times in order to ensure they are able to fix anything that needs fixing. Although some Scorpios prefer to hire people to do labor jobs, others thrive off of doing it themselves; if your Scorpio is someone who enjoys fixing things, giving new tools to men is like giving candy to kids.

Denali Tool Kit

It might look pricey with so many nuts, bolts, and mechanical devices included, but in reality this set with bag will cost you under $60. Although elsewhere it usually sells for nearly double!

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Genesis Drill

Everyone loves having a drill, even if they never knew they’d love it before getting one. It’s just that so many opportunities (like home improvement projects) open up when you own a drill of your own.

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Genesisdrill drivercordless

Dewalt Cordless Power Saw

Sounds and looks more expensive than it is, this cordless device will run you just under $90 and ships for free.

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