Scorpio Gift Ideas For Her

October 23- November 22

Scorpios are strong personalities that require control at all times in order to feel comfortable and safe. These grudge holders only see things in black or white, there is little to no gray which makes them people you don’t want to fight with because they will rarely, if ever, agree to disagree. Although typically seen as ‘tough’ to outsiders, Scorpios are only putting on a show to hide how sensitive they actually are. In fact, when dating a Scorpio one will quickly realize how attached and emotional their Scorpio partner might be towards them. Scorpio does not like feeling too strong of emotions because emotions lead people out of control, therefore they might lash out with anger or act strangely to combat their own inner-feelings—in other words Scorpios are undercover passionate individuals. Due to their complex range of emotions they tend to jump in and out of different moods with no warning, this can feel like a roller coaster for friends and family—although, giving Scorpio a hard time about it will never help because they don’t understand why they do it themselves. Despite all of this, Scorpions are rather loyal and if you have their heart they are yours to keep. And, their desire to control situations and get things done the right way does lead them to be very successful in the work place.


It’s their competitive nature, which makes them fanatical sports fans, and not to mention a team mate you want on your side! Only, if Scorpio losses get prepared for a grumpy individual, as no Scorpio likes to lose. This often proves favorably for them in the work place as their ‘can do’ attitude makes them a quick candidate for a promotion. Scorpios are also keen on details, they like to know the ins and outs of those around them and they are quick to pick up on the little things. Don’t mistake them as nosey or busy bodies though, they are not picking up these intricate details to gossip, they instead just want to know it all in order to better understand their environment.


Warning: Scorpios tend to be grudge holders, therefore coming without a good gift will not be forgotten too quickly!!


Scorpio Gift Ideas For Her 


Pearls are formed when a grain of sand gets trapped in the belly of a clam, meaning pearls have a close connection to the water— just as Scorpios do. Scorpio is a water sign and is often linked in nature to water because of how they float on an emotional whirlwind throughout life, like waves crashing out in the ocean. Plus, who doesn’t like getting a new set of pearls?

Pearl Earrings

Stainless steel backs ensure sensitive ears are safe in these white pearl earrings, listed at an unbelievable price under $10.

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Simple Pearl Necklace

14k gold chain cusps a Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl, creating a necklace that is delicate, simple, and something she will wear and love forever.

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Classic Freshwater Pearl Necklace  

Freshwater pearls are far more affordable than other pearls, although they still look high quality and lovely, therefore you can gift a necklace like this for under $30, although it looks far more expensive to anyone who is not a pearl expert.

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Complex and secretive, Scorpions need a place to store their thoughts and dreams that no one else will ever get to see. For those that tend to bottle things up inside, it can be extremely therapeutic to write out inner thoughts and feelings.

Red Embossed Heart Leather Journal

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Diary with Lock– For Extra Protection!

Since Scorpios are very secretive, this might help promote them to actually use their new diary.

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The Spirit of Flight Unique Diary Notebook

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Infinity Jewelry

Looking like a wide stretched number 8, the infinity symbol is beautiful in so many ways for a Scorpio. Since they are the eighth sign of the Zodiac, 8 is naturally their number. Although, most Scorpio’s don’t care to run around wearing the number 8 plastered on their person therefore, infinity jewelry is more fashionable while still showing tribute to the number 8.

Sterling Silver Infinity Ring

Adorable, durable, and under $30!

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Sterling Silver Infinity Knot Wire Ring

This piece is unique, classic, and stunning– the best part? It costs less than $20!




Infinity Bling Necklace

Give something that sparkles and spend less than $10 with this infinity necklace that is sure to last and charm the heart of any glamorous Scorpio.

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The Fifty Shades Collection

Known as the most sexual of all signs, Scorpios worldwide are sure to love the kinky thriller that has taken the world by storm: the Fifty Shades trilogy. Gift the whole set and save!

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