Taurus Gift Ideas For Her

April 20- May 20

Taurus Gift Ideas For Her

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, a sign that does not prefer playing games but instead only participates in competition in hopes of earning the favorable rewards. In fact, their favorite part of any game is seeking out the most fruitful gains, a huge hint at what Taurus likes most of all: rather fancy gifts! Beauty truly intrigues this sign, as they are drawn to museums and other places that showcase works of art and other ‘perfect’ displays. It’s no surprise that Venus is the ruler of Taurus as Venus was a Greek God in Roman Mythology who pampered herself in luxury to no end.

Loyal and very romantic, once they find their ideal mate Taurus is not going to let go—in fact quite the opposite, if Taurus is not careful they might become too clingy and possessive of their significant others. Don’t mistake their hyper-clingy behavior for insanity; instead they are really just craving dependability and stability.

With the bull in semblance of this sign, you don’t want to engage in a fight with a Taurus—we all know how bullfights go! Taurus is quick to get a temper, lashing out with the force of a charging bull. Still, their desire to be calm and well balanced helps them to level out this raging side of their personality, the older a Taurus becomes the better they will become at controlling their impulsive temper.

If the Taurus you know does not yet have a world of fancy things, they someday will—if that’s what it is that they desire, Taurus will stop at nothing when it comes to going after their goals, once again they are the bulls here! Although Taurus tends to come off as simply glamorous, they are much deeper than often assumed; very drawn to the earth and nature they tend to prefer items of natural origins and earthy tones. Some find the personality of Taurus too much for their liking, while others simply can’t get enough of Taurus’s overall placid demeanor and good intentions.


Taurus Gift Ideas For Her 

Throw blanket

Taurus likes to be comfortable and what’s better than curling up under a nice throw blanket on a slow day or after a long day?

LCM Home Fashions Micromink Sherpa Throw

Available in tan or chocolate, this blanket gets everything just right.


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Soft as a Cheetah!

This throw might feel real because it is so soft, but rest assured it is made with faux fur, thankfully making it animal-friendly!

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Hello Kitty, Wear Your Blanket!

The young and old can’t get enough of Hello Kitty—she’s just so darn cute! This Sanrio Hello Kitty Snuggie with sleeves creates the perfect cocoon to cuddle up in.

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Nail Art

Taurus will enjoy nail polish or any other cosmetic product that improves the look of their appearance and adds variety to their accessories.

OPI Get Bonded 3 Piece Polish Set

OPI is one of the best names in nail polish and this special addition 3-pack is listed at one unbeatable price!

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Shany Cosmetics All the Best Colors in Cracked Polish

The new look in nail polish is the cracked look; these polishes naturally give off that look. At this great price, it’s incredible how many color options you get.

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Ultimate Nail Studio For Kids

This is the perfect present for the younger ladies who love to have their nails done too!

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Gold Jewelry

The price of gold is near all-time highs so why not splurge on some well-priced gold jewelry? Picking the right pieces of gold jewelry out will make any gift fail-proof.


Personalized Gold Initial Necklace

This monogram necklace, available in all letters, is 14k gold and simply perfect.

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I Heart You Necklace

Gold overlay, as opposed to solid gold, makes this gorgeous heart with leaf accent necklace more affordable.

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By Boe Bow Necklace

14k Gold Filled, this By Boe necklace is perfect for a number of age groups—any girl that has a thing for fashion and girly accessories is sure to adore this necklace.

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Scarf For Her

Taurus is the ruler of the neck and throat and therefore, a scarf is a great item to gift them.


Leopard Scarf

At under $5, you can’t beat the price, quality, or rave reviews of this truly fashionable scarf. Plus the generously long length makes it versatile so that one can wear it in many different ways.

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Pashmina Woven Elegant Scarf

Also available in an assortment of other equally amazing colors!

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The Perfect Summer Scarf

Available in different color options, all for under $20.

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