Virgo Gift Ideas for Him

August 24- September 24

According to Astrology, Planet Mercury rules the Virgo sign, but in day-to-day life they are actually ruled by the desire to be perfect. For Virgo’s nothing is ever 100% right and if you mess up… be prepared for severe scrutiny. Even if the Virgo you know keeps their lips sealed, they are thinking… and if you don’t meet their very high expectations– tisk, tisk! This means that when it comes to Holidays and Birthdays, Virgo’s require very nice presents. Virgo’s expect so much out of others because they tend to exert a lot out of themselves for others. Which is why for a Virgo it’s much easier to ignore other peoples mistakes than it is their own. Never late on the draw, a Virgo doesn’t understand those that say, “…sorry I will give you a present later!” They think this is incredibly rude, for they care so much about being on time that they never would let this happen– since you now have, you seem uncaring to them.

Virgos tend to be the creative types, with a quick mind and a knack for analyzing every little detail, in fact it’s often said that Virgos live more in their minds than anywhere else, causing others to sometimes see them as cold and uncaring which is the farthest thing from the truth. Virgos are actually very sensitive, although when they hurt they rarely confess, and therefore everyone thinks that they are great even if they are not.

While Virgo’s can be mistaken for slow, the truth of the matter is that they need to know and think about every detail before making a decision—when it comes to everything! Therefore, surprises and last minute details can throw a Virgo off and send their anxiety through the roof. They enjoy a calm and luxurious atmosphere where things feel safe and they are able to control what is going on around them, otherwise—and only for some Virgo’s—they can feel unsafe. In order to wow any Virgo, prove that you are smart and able to solve problems. Showing an interest in the world and how it works is attractive to the Virgo.

Virgo’s think a lot about things so put a little extra thought into the gift you purchase and Virgo will forever appreciate it. And remember, even the most simple and inexpensive gifts can be bedazzled with a personal touch, making it into something any Virgo will adore.

Virgo Gift Ideas for Him

Organizing Scanner

Virgo enjoys everything being in an organized fashion, therefore gifting him something that will improve their ability to keep it all together will be greatly appreciated and put to good use.


Fujitsu Scan Snap Deluxe Mobile Scanner

For $230 this scanner logs items into your computer so that saving old receipts, and other eyesores that make a Virgo’s skin crawl, are no longer needed. Once scanned into the computer, everything is organized and easy to find. No neat freak will know how they ever survived without this!

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Label Maker

You never know just how much you can do with a label maker until you have one! For that friend with a small business, this could really change the way they work, and for only $30.

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Film Slide and Negative Scanner

Virgo’s are very found of keeping old memories alive, as deep thinkers they truly treasure the past. This scanner will give them a chance to bring to life any 35mm film negatives sitting around the house, automatically those old beige film strips will be turned into clear digital and easy to maintain photos. Listed at less than half of this scanners suggested retail price, you can purchase it now for $80.

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A Hat to Hide Behind

Sensitive on the inside, male Virgos give off a very ‘cool’ demeanor that makes them often seem calloused or uncaring. A hat can help make some feel more secure, freeing them to let out their more playful side.


Puma Men’s Cap

This Puma 210 cap is available in a number of different colors, starting at $15.

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Kangol Men’s Herringbone Hat

Starting at $36, this men’s hat is available in black, dark blue, and brown.

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Problem Solving Gift

Since Virgos love to be challenged mentally, any one of these gifts is sure to please.

So Many Beers 1000 Pieces Puzzle

Even adults can get into a good puzzle, especially one that pays tribute to so many great brews! Only $15 and a gift that will be fun to put together but will also be cool to keep around, perhaps even framed for the ‘man cave.’

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Megaminx Tile Puzzle Cube Block

This wild tile puzzle block puts a twist on the traditional Rubik’s cube for only $9

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Sudoku Puzzle Book

There are 400 new puzzles included in this Sudoku book, perfect for anyone that loves numbers or wishes to improve with them. This sudoku puzzle book is listed for $14.

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Words with Friends Board Game

The game we all got addicted to on our smart phones is now a board game perfect for parties or even a small get together, and it’s only $20.

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