Aug. 23-Sept. 22

Virgo common features:

Element: Earth
Ruler: Mercury 
The main gemstone: 

Personal qualities: Discrimination. Discretion. Conservativeness. Practical intelligence. Attention to detail. Hygiene conscious.

Virgo and Health

Virgoans are the most complex group in terms of their health. Continually worrying that they suffer from every problem in the medical dictionary, they nevertheless sometimes appear magically immune to the diseases and infections all around them.
Virgo’s can lean towards hypochondria. Their frequent stomach aches stem from worry and their anxious nature can lead to stomach upsets.
As work is very important to them they like to stay fit to avoid getting ill. But they should be wary of working too much and learn to relax and sleep more. Most of their suffering can be alleviated by spending as much time as possible walking or cycling in the countryside. All Virgoans should abjure spicy foods and alcohol.
Diseases: Bowel diseases, colic, diarrhea, indigestion and dysentery.
Body parts and organs: Abdominal organs, assimilation, large and small intestines.

Virgo and Wealth

A Virgo will often plan their career from the very start to the very end as they dislike wasting effort – everything is organized down to a fine art. They are diligent, hard-working and efficient. In the workplace they are self sufficient, responsible and work by order. Because of their love for hard work they can be viewed as workaholics. Their attention to detail, means every job is a job well done.
Typical careers include: Publishing, Education, Health, Business.
They are good as Craftsmen, Doctors, Dentists, Servants, Statisticians.

virgo necklaceVirgo and Love

Virgos are most at ease with a gentle devotion, and are often unwilling or unable to feel true passion. Passion seems to consists of surrendering themselves, and that they refuse to do, so they channel any energy that love gives them into their work, always searching for excellence.

Virgo Compatibility

Virgo is most compatible with: Cancer and Scorpio.
Virgo is fairly compatible with: CapricornPisces and Taurus.
Virgo is least compatible with: GeminiLeoLibra and Sagittarius.

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