Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli necklaceA Gemstones Fit for a Queen

The Lapis Lazuli has been the preferred royal stone for over 6000 years.  The electric blue raises psychic abilities and removes communication blockages and was used by the Pharaohs’ of Egypt to connect with the gods. Magnificent Lapis Lazuli makes a timeless gift.


Lapis Lazuli is unusual as it is a stone rather than a mineral. A cobalt blue opaque stone, it will often have flickers of gold running through it. The surface of the gem polishes up to the a lustrous sheen, lending itself not only to jewelry, but also trinkets like boxes and ornaments

 Power Qualities of Lapis Lazuli Healing Stones:

  • Lapis Lazuli vibrates on the throat chakra
  • It allows communication of emotions and feelings to flow
  • It encourages honesty and the courage to speak ones truths
  • It releases anger and frustration
  • It encourages clarity and creativity
  • It brings about deep peace
  • Helps insomnia
  • Lifts depression
  • Purifies blood and lowers blood pressure
  • Bridges the gap to the angels
  • Raises spiritual awareness


Lapis Lazuli is found in the most vibrantly rich blue.  The paler the stone the better quality.


  • Persian Lapis – mined in Afghanistan it has a dark almost violet hue which is even and uninterrupted with any calcite veining.
  • Siberian Lapis – have varying strengths of color from pyrite.  This tends to be of reasonable quality
  • Chilean Lapis – has white calcite inclusions and is often tinged with green.  This is the least valuable of the Lapis family.


Lapis Lazuli is traditionally the birthstone for September and would make a lovely gift for sensitive Virgos and eloquent Libras.

Wedding Anniversary: There are two schools of thought about which year the Lapis Lazuli is best suited to weddings as the knowledge seems to have become lost in antiquity.  Some say the 7th year of marriage others say the 9th but if you plump for both you can´t go wrong.

lapis lazuli bracelet


The Healing Qualities of Lapis Lazuli Stone: Lapis Lazuli opens the throat chakra to unblock passages and allows for communication.  This allows emotions that have been held back to flow through the body and expel them into the ether. This outpouring of frustrations and anger can often help to expel suppressed emotions and lift depression.

The stone also has a tonic effect on the circulatory system and brings deep peace at night allowing you to sleep soundly.

Types of Lapis Lazuli Used for Healing: All Lapis Lazuli gemstones have healing qualities. They are gentle but very potent.   This semiprecious stone allows the emotional mind to understand the spiritual messages that it receives.  Lapis Lazuli guides the wearer on how to best use the gemstones ability to heal.

Lapis Lazuli Mystical Powers: Lapis lazuli vibrates at an extremely high level opening up the third eye to “scry” on spiritual planes. It connects you to your guardian angels and helps you to understand their messages.

The History of Lapis Lazuli Stones: Lapis was mined back in Afghanistan as far back as the 3rd millennium BCE. In ancient Egypt amulets of scarabs were made from the gemstone, to signify the Heaven Earth cycle. Famed for her enigmatic beauty, Cleopatra famously wore powdered Lapis Lazuli as her eye shadow. Legends from Ancient Persia describes how the earth sat on a beautiful slab of Lapis Lazuli which gave its color to the sky. For many years the precious ground pigment was used in oil paints until a synthetic chemical alternative was found in the 19th century.

The Name’s Origin: Lapis is the Latin word for stone whilst Lazuli derives from the Latin word Lazulum which in turn was taken from the Persian word Lazaward which means “Heaven” or “Sky.”

Lapis Lazuli earringsCare and Treatment: Lapis is not a hard stone and chips easily so extra care should be taken when cleaning.  Polish your stone with a soft cloth.

Lapis Lazuli Around the World: Afghanistan has the finest of all the Lapis Lazuli reserves, having mined premium grade stones for over 6000 years.  It is also found as far north as Siberia and is also prominent in Chile.

The Ideal Gift: Lapis Lazuli looks incredible on redheads! The vibrant blue shows off their hair coloring exquisitely and eludes radiance in their face. If your friend or loved one has seemed melancholic for a while, the gemstones healing energy will help to lift the gloom and bring a smile to their face. A gift to someone suffering from a blood disorder or even varicose veins would be very special.

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