Samsung RF4289HARS Touchscreen Refrigerator

This is by far one of the coolest touchscreen refrigerators on the market. In fact, you won’t have a friend or family member that will be able to stop playing with it. While also keeping your food cold, this 28 cubic foot fridge has a built in touch screen computer to show you the current weather, favorite recipes, and even Facebook and twitter pages. Oh, and listen to your favorite music while you’re cooking with the Pandora app! The future of refrigeration has arrived with this model—but what sets it apart from other similar brands?

The Pros to Samsung’s Touch Screen Fridge 

Some refrigerators offer LED lighting, but they put it around so sparingly that you end up with less light once your fridge is full; the great thing about this model is that the LED lighting is evenly distributed all around, offering light in every crack and crevice.  In between grabbing your snack, take advantage of your refrigerator apps by tuning into your houses Wi-Fi, making browsing the internet from your fridge no more expensive each month than when your fridge simply produced ice and water!

Popular Problems

If you are having difficulties with the mechanics of this fridge, try unplugging it and rebooting it from the back before freaking out—as this is a common solution for this model when dealing with issues relating to the temperature. The main issue though with this model is that the circuit board tends to go out prematurely, if you experience a problem with the circuit board you will hopefully be covered under warranty, although after the first year you are on your own to pay the cost of a new circuit board. While the cost to fix this will range depending on where you live and who you hire, it usually does not surpass $500.


If you are offered an extended warranty, it’s always recommended to take it because large appliances are never short on problems but with the right coverage, you’ll find just the right solutions without spending too much of your own money. Those with or without insurance, commonly find Samsung service departments to be less than the best in terms of service and reliability.

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