Maytag MFX2570AEM Touchscreen Refrigerator

Made in America, this Maytag refrigerator comes with a lot of bells and whistles that make its price tag worth the punch. With seven easy-access wide drawers and spill-proof, adjustable shelves, you won’t be disappointed by the craftsmanship and modern design this Maytag offers. To make your kitchen look even better, this fridge has monochromatic stainless steal French doors, add this to the functionality, such as the double freezer drawers, and you have 25 cubic feet of gorgeous space for all of your groceries. This fridge also features a touchscreen outer face to easily control your external ice and refrigerator settings.

The Best Features

The drawers are removable; therefore if you have a small door or hallway to fit your fridge through, this will make an excellent option as it can come apart for easier installation. The fridge can maintain very cool temperatures, perfect for keeping meats and vegetables safe to eat for longer periods of time.  The handles on each of the drawers help one get in and out without getting fingerprints on every inch of the inside—plus since everything is made with exceptional quality, the drawers glide out with ease.  Super awesome fact, this fridge has the ability to measure water—therefore, if you need a particular amount, say 2 ounces, you will easily be able to plug this number in and then wait for your request as it pours right out! Also, the touch screen will bring your kitchen into the future!

The Worst Features

The stainless steel can scratch, so if you have animals and children running amuck, always be careful! Others complain that the ice machine does not produce enough cubes, yet this seems to be a common complaint with nearly all refrigerators! The next time I run into a fridge designer, I promise you I will tell them that they MUST increase the amount of ice as Samsung, Maytag, and LG all have reported issues with their ice makers.


There is a 10-year warranty on the parts of this refrigerator, much longer than many other refrigerator warranties.  Although, beware that the warranty is limited and while some experience nothing but great service from Maytag, others complain that service through their warranty has been anything but spectacular.

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