Samsung RSG309AARS Touchscreen Refrigerator

The Samsung RSG309AARSis a refrigerator built for the future.

Loaded with an 8-inch touchscreen, you couldn’t find a more functional fridge. Not only will all of your favorite foods easily fit inside, but you will have access to the stuff that matters to you most– like your friends and family on Facebook or your favorite tunes on Pandora. The list of apps now available for your Samsung television is only growing with time! Not only can you monitor your social networks and playlists from this dynamic touch screen, you can also manage the temperature and even the contents of your fridge!

Why Buy the Samsung Touch Screen Fridge?

Take advantage of recent advancements in technology with the built in computer this touch screen refrigerator comes with! Samsung has thought of it all, even granting your fridge the ability to store grocery lists, available to you whenever you need it most! Also, you can leave it up to your Samsung fridge to give you last minute reminders, or alert you of changes in the weather. For those that are always feeling social, enjoy the ability to Tweet what your eating right from your refrigerator! The great thing is that it even has Wi-Fi, therefore you can tune into your own wireless Internet without any extra costs—which is more than one can say for how much it costs to tweet from your smart phone, with internet plans costing around $20 a month.

With a drawer for everything—from meat, to veggies—you will never be left needing room for anything!  Even after packing everything in, organization is easy as pie with this fridge, the LED lights don’t get hot like those that are in older refrigerators, shinning the perfect amount of light onto those typically hard to see places.

Samsung Touch Screen Cons

With any technology as advanced as this, problems are likely to arise at some point—which is why getting insurance on your Samsung touch screen refrigerator is highly recommended. There are extended warranty plans available, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Although, for the most part people are beyond satisfied with this product. Unlike previous Samsung models, this one does not seem to have any issues with the ice machine—although perhaps only time will tell.

Best of the Best

This model features beautiful stainless steel French doors and 296 interior Cubit Feet of unlimited possibilities! Amazon will ship it out for free; all you have to do is wait for the most amazing of refrigerators to arrive at your door!

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