French Door Refrigerator: Samsung vs. LG

The French Door Fridge is a very popular selection, as it offers a break from the mundane double door refrigerators commonly found in the everyday home. While this fridge offers a beautiful fresh look to your kitchen, it also offers a lot in terms of function. While there are numerous versions of this fridge on the market, the LG and Samsung models of the French door are extremely similar, so which one of these refrigerators is right for you?

What Samsung & LG Both Offer

Both of these refrigerators are packed with quality design and offer LED lighting to assist your late-night search for tucked away goodies. They also both come in a variety of colors, pearl off-white, black, or for an extra $100 you can have the silver stainless steel version. If you need a door alarm, energy efficiency, and superbly planed drawers—either one of these top-notch fridges will do, although most importantly they both offer filtered air supply to make sure that your tortillas don’t get stale corners when you keep them in the fridge!

Both brands tend to have issues with the ice machine; the Samsung model has made their ice machine so sleek it hardly makes any ice at all, while LG has created an ice machine that instead of lacking quantity of ice it just produces smaller ice cubes, which to some is just as bad.

The Best of the French Door Refrigerator by Samsung

  • Save space with the egg container
  • Enjoy your very own built in wine rack
  • Chill separate compartments at a different temperature, ensuring all of your food is kept at its prime.
  • Drawers and shelves slide and are interchangeable for no searching and easy organizing.
  • 28 cu. feet of space

Overall this fridge gets great ratings—those that love it rant and rave that even though it might be smaller than the fridge that they previously had, it offers them so much more in terms of space. Capable of holding many of your items, it is also completely quiet and even in older homes, tends to flesh well with the countertops, only slightly jutting out, if even at all.

The Best of the LG French Door Refrigerator

  • Extremely deep, this fridge provides endless pace for all of your goodies
  •  With an extra ice drawer, your ice machine might make tiny cubes—but at least you’ve got ice on hand!
  • The bottom freezer has 3 drawers; typically there are only 2.
  • 30 cu. feet of space

At a slightly higher price you can get the LG version of the French Door Refrigerator. People that originally held off on purchasing this fridge based on negative reviews; wish they had indulged on the product sooner as it offers them function while remaining remarkably quiet. The insides are gigantic, even larger than that of the Samsung Fridge, and since it is built in such a well-planned manner it leaves unlimited potential for all that you can store within your fridge. Highly recommended for large families, this fridge hands down offers the most room in terms of storage.



Samsung Warranty vs. LG Warranty

The Samsung model comes with a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor and it has an extended 5-year warranty on certain parts and labor that might arise due to no fault of your own.

LG offers the same 1-year warranty for labor and parts but they also offer 7—instead of 5– year coverage on any parts in the sealed system. Also, you get 10 years warranty for linear compression.


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