The Whirlpool SideKick Fridge

Everyone needs a sidekick– and while this Whirlpool fridge stands out with or without its other half, the freezer/fridge combo look absolutely stunning paired side by side. No one can deny the quality that this Whirlpool refrigerator possesses, sleek in design, this refrigerator is just the right size, as it will look great in all kitchens, big, medium, or small! It comes only in stainless steel but you’ll be glad for the set of rollers attached at the bottom, making it easy to move your fridge in and out of its compartment, which is great for cleaning, finding lost jewelry, and moving too!

Pros to the Whirlpool Sidekick

Don’t worry about digging through the fridge in the dark with the Whirlpool Sidekick, which has interior lighting so that you can find all that you are looking for. With 6 bins along the door, all of which are adjustable, and many other fancy extras, such as the egg bin and the special shelf for gallon-sized goods, this fridge is a great deal for those that like to keep things organized! Although, I suppose we all like to be organized it’s just not that easy with full, busy lives—thankfully, this refrigerator thought of almost everything, allowing you a much easier go at getting your groceries in order. Also, one never needs to worry about frost on their food or irregular temperatures with this fridge, as it is controlled for humidity with 2 separate devices. There is also an optional icemaker available with this model.

Problems with the Whirlpool Sidekicks

The main issue people incur with this particular Whirlpool fridge is that it gets leaks in the tubing that carries the Freon to keep the fridge cool, this is rather expensive to fix, in some cases a complete replacement turns out to be the better financial option. Always make sure to get 2 estimates before making any drastic measures (such as replacing your fridge or paying thousands to a fridge mechanic). Also, make sure to have your fridge checked out before the warranty expires so that you don’t end up with a big problem just when coverage lets up.

Whirlpool Sidekick Warranty

Whirlpool fridges come with a one-year warranty, although be sure to read the specifics before you purchase because the coverage offered is rather limited.


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