NewAir AW-181E 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This is the perfect wine cooler for someone who is just starting up his or her wine collection. You can keep up to 18 wine bottles inside of this fridge; each one will be secured in a stainless steel rack. While Vinotemp offers the most expensive, high-end wine coolers, many compare this NewAir model to it, in terms of appearance and performance, although for a much lower price!

What Sets this Wine Fridge Apart – Besides the Low Price!

The control buttons are located directly on the front of the fridge, allowing you to maintain the temperature that will keep your wine at its freshest—yet aged—prime. As with other similar models, you don’t have to knock down any walls to build this fridge in. Instead, this can be a freestanding machine and despite how many bottles it can hold, it is slim enough to fit in almost any location.

All of your guests will be able to see your delectable wine collection, highlighted by the beautiful LED blue lights gleaming down from above. The light also gives this fridge a very modern appearance, perfect for many home styles and decors. Keep in mind that most wine fridges are not 100% quiet, so like most other models, this one comes with a humming sound which originates from the cooling fans.

Remember that with most wine coolers, the temperatures are not going to be very cold, as red wines shouldn’t ever be kept at frigid temperatures. White wines and dessert wines will do just fine in these higher temperatures as well, although some prefer them to be colder. This is in fact a cooler, and not the full-blown refrigeration system one might be envisioning.

Is the New Air Wine Cooler Right For You?

If you are into large, rather glamorous wine bottles, this might not be the fridge for you. Although the top shelf of this fridge can handle the heavy duty, big bottles, the rest are only made to fit smaller bottle selections, such as the ones popularly sold at the grocery store. For those who have a more ostentatious collection, consider a larger wine cooler. Also, beware that if you are very picky about wine this fridge has a tendency to fluctuate in temperature by a couple of degrees, which is no big deal to the average wine drinker, but for someone who really knows their stuff this might drive you mad!

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