Oster 1.1 Cubic Feet Digital Microwave

Oster OGZB1101 digital microwave oven, available in black and stainless steel is the perfect, affordable, option for all of your microwave needs!

Customers are continually raving about the low price this microwave is offered for, at under $100 it is a splendid deal for a microwave that looks so fresh and trendy. While you get a lot of features, including child preventative locks, 1,000 watts of power and ten separate power settings for all of your food, it does not have all of the complicated functions other, more expensive microwaves posses.

While easy on the wallet, this microwave is still great looking—far surpassing its cost in appearance. A good size, not too big or too small, you can set this out on the counter, hide it inside of a cabinet, or build it into the wall. Standing at a smart size of 1.1 cubic feet, you will have just enough space to fit those larger dishes inside without any issues.


Simple to Use


The button options are simple and include: pizza, defrost, popcorn, frozen dinner, reheat, potato and beverage. This leads many to believe it is great for seniors struggling to understand modern technology, although if one does not have the best close up eye vision, the small numbers on the Oster touch keypad might be more trouble than the easy to use technology is worth. The numbers and words on the buttons are easy enough to read for those with good eyesight, otherwise get ready to put on your up-close glasses until you commit all of the buttons to memory.


Oster Warranty

While the device is great at first, it might spark up some issues within a year or so of use—when this occurs you’ll be left relying on the warranty which is mediocre but requires a lot of work on your part in terms of collecting evidence and then paying to ship this evidence (such as receipt and parts off of your microwave) to Canada. Always make sure to keep your receipt, as this is something required to validate your warranty in the future. When you order online, your receipt will optionally be sent to your email—this way you always have it


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