Panasonic Microwave in Stainless Steel NN-SN681s

1200-watts of power in 1.2 cubic feet of space will get your food ready fast. More than just a microwave, this Panasonic masterpiece is able to prepare a number of dishes—just as delicious as the oven, only in far less the time.

Inverter Technology & Panasonic Unite

Even if your old microwave claims it has more than one setting for heat, it likely does not—many microwaves simply pulse on and off with heat in order to operate at lower levels of power. This microwave by Panasonic is different, it has numerous settings so that you can really cook your food on low or on high, two very separate settings when you’re using a well put together piece of equipment.

This microwave actually knows when your food is done and ready and when it needs more time, it does this by measuring the amount of steam coming off of the food; it can be switched on auto so that the power setting and time adjust accordingly. While this might sound a little scary, to trust your brainless, eyeless, microwave with judging how long to cook your food, the technology is sound and works well! With keys and a dial, you have multiple options for adjusting the settings on your microwave.

The Downsides

With so many positives pushing this microwave into popular territory, there are only a few downsides that the pickier consumer might blast on. Such as, one can only set the timer in increments of 5, to some people this can be irritating, while to others a few seconds difference doesn’t matter at all—how you feel about it is up to you. Of course, like many other stainless steel appliances, it acquires fingerprints without shame. Another irritating factor to some is that when you open the door to the microwave, the light does not come on—yet when you turn the machine on, that’s when it pops on.

Need to Know Basis

If you are buying this microwave to place over an oven, beware that it must be at least 4 feet above the top of the oven—make sure to measure before purchasing! Thriving off of the latest in inverter technology, some doubt that the shelf-life for these will be all that long, although purchasing an extended warranty will take care of any problems that might arise in the future.

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