Personal Blender with Travel Lid

Breakfast on the go has never been less complex with this blender by Hamilton Beach. Sleek and small, it will fit into a number of places; even for those that have little storage space, this blender will not get in your way. While it’s strong enough to mix up some great smoothies, it’s also easy to clean and even easier to take on the go! The blender itself turns right into a cup with a secure lid, so that you are instantly ready to hit the road– breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert in hand.

Hamilton Beach Blender On-the-Go

If you only need to make a smoothie here and there for yourself, there’s no need to waste money (or precious cabinet space) housing a full-size fancy blender, this works just as good. If portion control is something you struggle with, this blender will help you measure out the perfect amount for an individual. When mixing one drink in a larger blender it can be difficult to judge how much to make, leading to waste and other unnecessary shortcomings.

With only one button—on or off—this device is very easy to use, although it doesn’t offer much in terms of diversity! Instead of being a heavy-duty blender, this inexpensive, lightweight, blender will make it easier for you to mix up a drink and then get on the go!

Handle with Care

While I wouldn’t consider this the most durable blender around, for the money it works great—that is unless you get a lemon, which can happen with just about anything electronic, even cars! The better that you take care of your device, and the more delicate that you treat it, the better it will hold up. Cleaning is simple, although some complain that you can’t put it in the dish washer, although it might be fine if you do it a few times, the more often it goes through the more chance it has of cracking or breaking. Go easy on the motor, keeping in mind that this blender is made for one-person use. Try placing the ice and other frozen solid ingredients in after the smoother or liquid ingredients in order to preserve the blades and keep them sharp.

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