Breville Dual Boiler Semi Automatic Espresso Machine

Should You Buy a Breville?

People are comparing the espressos made by this Breville machine to the likes of a cup of espresso directly from the heart of Italy—yeah it’s that good! If you know what you are doing, you will be able to create the most perfect shots! If you are no espresso expert, no need to worry, the all-inclusive guide explains exactly how to use your machine with ease. While to some the price tag might seem over the top, it’s comparable to machines that cost 6x as much!

What Makes Breville’s Espresso Maker Worth the Price Tag?

This is so much more than just a regular old coffee machine, get ready to impress your guests and wow your own family with all you will be able to do using this Breville espresso maker! You are going to love the stainless steel appearance which makes this machine truly stand out, looking more expensive than it is—and it doesn’t come with a cheap price tag at just under $1,5000. Thankfully, purchasing from Amazon will save you over $299 off this listed cost.

Make espressos to die for, with the perfectly engineered design you will never have to worry about your beverages not coming out right as can easily happen with other machines that do not properly regulate temperature and pressure. There are 2 pumps in this machine that keep the texture of milk products perfect, and also regulate the pressure just right. Keep in mind that although it doesn’t really seem so, espressos are sensitive, which is why so many people pay big bucks for them at places like Starbucks.

Of course, you will get all of the perks available with the mundane coffee machines as well— such as a programmable start button, so that your espressos are ready for you at any specific time—without you even being awake or home to turn it on. With so many options, one might worry it’s difficult to use but that’s not the case at all. In fact, this seemingly complicated device is simple to use! While the mechanics behind the Breville espresso maker are complicated, the engineers on board made sure that these complexities don’t drift onto consumers.

 The Little Details Count

Anyone who has used a Breville product before might already be clued in to how much detail the brand puts into every product. While you can simply press brew and watch your machine spring to life, you can also fuss with a number of options to get the best cup of espresso according to your wants and needs. Another perk includes a tap for hot water, and for those that don’t have another access to purified hot water in their kitchen this is superb! You can also count on the cleaning system to help keep your machine working and free of any yucky back ups.

This machine is larger than the previous model, which makes many consumers very excited to see. Although, the tamper on this particular model is actually a little bit small for some people who have larger hands.

Reliability of Breville Espresso Maker


Anything over $500 needs to be reliable, otherwise the consumer gets no piece of mind and popularity of a product significantly decreases. Thankfully, this machine comes with customer guaranteed support—although at times it will require professional help. While many machines allow people to do their own maintenance to save money, this Breville espresso maker comes with a manufacture’s warning that you should have a professional service your device after every 6,000 cycles. Unless you run your machine multiple times a day, this is a long time before you will have to pay the $60-$100 price tag for the regular maintenance.

Breville Warranty

The warranty for this product is only 1 year long, likely long before you will need to have any services performed—so long as you don’t get a faulty machine, which is not too likely with Breville products. Although if you do, the Australian based company is quick to react and is known for good customer service. Although they should be when selling such a high priced item!

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