Dyson DC41 Bagless Vacuum

Make Cleaning Fun with the Dyson DC41 

I’m not alone when I call my Dyson vacuum one of my favorite ‘toys.’ Not only is it nice to look at, it does its job like nothing else—turning cleaning from a chore to a fun side activity; it might sound crazy, but we swear it’s true!

One of the more costly vacuums on the market, this Dyson is approved for even the hairiest of houses—as it was made with animals in mind. If you have more than one dog or cat trotting around your house, it’s simply amazing how much excess hair and dust will begin to build up. While few vacuums can handle loads of animal hair without issues, this Dyson vacuum is guaranteed to keep your house clean without any backups or clogging from too much hair getting caught in the filter.

Is Dyson Worth the Price Tag?

Just like so many other satisfied consumers, I have never had an easier time maneuvering a vacuum around my house then with this device! The ball that is special to Dyson technology allows for easy clean ups that don’t miss much of anything—as you can quickly turn and swerve this good looking vacuum all over the place. Also, the clear casing over the bin shows you exactly when you need to relieve your vacuum of its inner contents.

This vacuum can be considered 2 vacuums in one because you also get the attached nozzle for higher, smaller, and more difficult to reach places. The nozzle also has amazing suction and you can easily lift it up and out from the back of the Dyson—looking at the photo, the fairly long nozzle originates from the red strip on the back of the handle. My only recommendation is that you must be careful with the nozzle tube as it is prone to tearing which will make it far less powerful—if functional at all.

Dyson Strong


This is one strong vacuum! You might not even think your floors are all that dirty—or perhaps you used a less intense vacuum only minutes before—either way, Dyson finds dirt and grim far beneath the surface levels that others leave behind. You will see the dirt pulling straight up and into the clear compartment, without a vacuum of this power you could be missing all types of dirt trapped in the layers of your carpet. With pets, the dander, dust, and hair easily gets left behind, buried deep in the carpet, or pushed into dark corners; this Dyson model was made with pets in mind so that even the hairs in hiding are found! Dyson vacuums also come with the promise of versatility, you can use this vacuum on multiple surfaces, making it great for large (or small) homes that have more surfaces than just carpet to quickly clean!

No Bag Vacuum

While there are numerous perks to not having a bag on your vacuum, it comes with a bit of a downside as well. Emptying out any vacuum bin is never going to be mess free—the best way to create the least amount of dust all in the air and in your face, is to have someone else hold up a large trash bag, this way you can place the bin inside of the bag and close the top as you shake it free of debris. Of course, some dust particles will always get free but you will save yourself a lot of extra cleaning, and sneezing, by emptying it out with caution. Also, don’t wait until the vacuum is overloaded, cleaning it when it’s just about 70% full is good, that way your vacuum does not lose suction power due to too much junk before trapped inside.

Negatives to the Dyson DC41

This vacuum is not all that small, although it’s slim enough to be stored in rather tight spaces, the actual head of the vacuum is too large to fit beneath most cabinets or other tight spaces. In these instances, one can rely on the attached wand vacuum—the suction is fierce enough that one can place it before cracks and crevices and watch the dust and dirt come flying out and into the tube. Although, this tube is not the easiest thing to get in and out of the back of the vacuum—if other people in your family less regularly use your Dyson, don’t be surprised to find the hand held nozzle is not always put back in place, simply because it’s difficult to figure out if you don’t use it frequently.

Never assume that just because you paid a lot of money for your vacuum means it is 100% durable. Think of it like this, sometimes the most expensive things in life are the most fragile. Not that this machine is overly sensitive by any means, but it’s not made for the wrestling ring—in other words, if you bang it around too much pieces are likely to come loose and problems could arise.

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