KRUPS FMF514 Programmable 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Enjoy making up to 10 cups of coffee, or as little as 2 cups of coffee, with this Krups coffee machine. Boasting 1,100 watts of power, the easy to use features allow even the most novice coffee makers to brew delicious cups of Joe! Simply adjust how much water and coffee you put in; it’s very easy to see what you have added thanks to the lever visible from the outside, which goes up simultaneously with water levels.


Krups Coffee Machine Convenience

While some make their coffee with filtered water, you don’t have to with this Krups machine as it has a built in water filter—not to mention, when you heat water to boiling temperatures it is naturally purified.

The stainless steel design looks great but also makes cleaning easier and increases long-term durability. The best part is that it will work for you, set your coffee machine to start up whenever you prefer. If you happen to make your coffee a little sooner than you plan to drink it, or simply don’t want to drink the whole pot right away, it will remain warm for quite some time within the insulated machine.

Reliability of Krups Coffee Machine

Having used our own machine everyday for the last couple of years, I am qualified to mention the long-term durability of this machine; day after day it works great. In fact, I feel that many restaurants need to up their coffee brewing skills, as my home-brewed cups all-too-often taste better than store-bought coffee—thanks to Krups!

Most of the complaints come from those who pour their water in, only to find that they do so too quickly, causing bubbles to form in the gauge. This makes it difficult to tell how much water you have put in. In order to avoid this problem, simply use a water bottle or measuring cup to pour the water in each time, this way you will be able to know exactly how much you are putting in each time, experiment with a variety of different water levels until you uncover the best tasting coffee for your preferences. While I don’t have personal issues with the bubbles forming in my Krups water gauge, I know that I use 90% of a water bottle to fill it up each day— which makes about 2 ½ cups of strong coffee. Therefore even if the bubbles mysteriously appear it doesn’t matter because I know what to put in!  Still, to some this is a deal breaker.

Discounted Price on Krups Coffee Maker

Currently, Amazon has this product offered for under $100, which is a great deal and a steep decline in the original asking price. Any small quirks that the machine might have are forgiven with such a low price point. So long as you take care of this Krups Coffee Maker, and use it according to the instructions, you are in no danger of having to buy a new machine any time soon—which is more than I can say about other coffee machines at similar prices. Although this great price comes at a cost, the workers that are putting them together in Countries such as China are being paid extremely low wages to do so.

Customer Service for Krups

Manufactured in 2009, if you are having issues with this coffee machine Krups will not make life easy for you as they have told many customers in the past that this is too old for the warranty to remain valid.  You’re gambling with this in a way, you are most likely to get a machine that works as good as mine and therefore you will be happy to have it—yet suffice you do run into any issues, the customer support is weak, and that’s being generous.

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