Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster 15.6-Volt Cordless Cyclonic Hand Vacuum

This mini vacuum is a best seller on Amazon—and at many other retail locations, so what is it that sets this hand held vacuum apart from the rest?

blackanddeckerminivac3Having a small vacuum is a necessity for anyone who likes to keep things clean but lives life on a time crunch. It’s much easier to detach this unit from the wall and quickly vacuum, as compared with dragging your larger vacuum out of the closet. Small jobs, such as spilt foods in the kitchen or even litter around the cat box, are great excuses to use this vacuum. Another perk to having this portable vacuum is the ability to clean spaces that you would otherwise pay to have cleaned, such as the innards of your car. The extendable nozzle allows you to reach far beneath tight surfaces, making any job you decide to tackle that much easier.

Of course, with any handheld vacuum, get ready for the back pain! You’ll be hunched over as you get up all of the dust and dirt, but at least the extendable nozzle on this handheld vacuum helps you not have to bend so much, it also gets dirt crammed in tight spaces better than any other vacuum due to how nice and thin the extended piece is. The duster feature comes attached, therefore there are no pieces to attach or reattach, which is a relief to those who know additional pieces only end up as junk drawer memorabilia!

The Downsides to Black & Decker Handheld Vacuum

While this handheld vacuum does better among consumers than comparable brands, there are a number of things that anyone should know before purchasing it. It comes with a hook to hang it up on the wall, but since it hangs with the nozzle facing the floor, if you let the vacuum get too full, particles can start to fall out. 

There is no bag and so it’s easy to constantly clean this vacuum—as is necessary not only to keep it from spilling back out but also to keep the suction power high. Whenever you are not using this vacuum, I also recommend keeping it on the charger because it does tend to quickly die if it’s not constantly being charged. Although, when fully juiced up this little lightweight vacuum has a lot of power behind it—far more than comparably sized models.

Overall Consensus

We have a big WARNING label on this vacuum. This handheld quickly gets annoying after everything you vacuum up, simply falls right back out when hung up! Also, you can’t suck up much before needs to be cleaned and recharged.

Author: Becky

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