Nostalgia Electrics Kegorator Beer Keg Fridge

This Beer Fridge is great, especially for the price— that is if you know the secret to getting the beer colder! Oh, and if you’re good at putting things together—patience helps.

Do you need a beer fridge that fits 1/2 kegs, ¼ kegs, and mini-barrel kegs? Then this Igloo 6.0 cubic foot Kegerator has a cooling system guaranteed to keep your beer fresh and perfectly chilled. Although this is an added luxury to any home or pool house, after the initial purchase it is not much of an added expensive, being that it is energy efficient. It is also CFC free, making it friendly to the environment and your beer! Plus, the stainless steel door keeps it looking sharp even after years of all-night parties!

Why Buy the Kegerator?

First off, you are going to save money buying this beer fridge because it’s offered at a much better price than other models. With the reduction in cost comes a couple of downgraded features although for beginners, these downgrades mean next to nothing.

Approved for commercial use, the Kegerator comes with the spring loaded beer tapper and a CO2 empty bottle which holds enough CO2 to supply 4 kegs at 15 gallons each before it will need to be refilled once again. Instead of having to build this fridge into a wall or center isle—as with other models—this beer fridge luckily lives on a set of wheels, making it the perfect party accessory. You just never know where the party will go, but with an Igloo Kegerator, you’ll be ready to ‘roll’ anytime, anyplace!

If your budget tapes out around $350, this is a great beer fridge for the money. Of course, if you up the numbers you can get a higher quality Kegerator that will support full size kegs and keep temperatures slightly cooler. Although, if you have never had a keg fridge before, I guarantee you will be nothing but satisfied with the stellar quality of this heavenly sent device.

Insider Tips & Tricks


The number one problem people face with this fridge is the higher temperature it tends to run at, this prompts many to assume they need a more expensive model. If the beer served by this Igloo tap is not cool enough for you, don’t run out and spend more money before trying this neat trick—simply unscrew the 2 screws that are located on the back and you will find behind this piece there is another temperature gauge which you can turn clockwise to get your fridge serving colder beer. Once this trick is performed, you have a nearly perfect beer fridge for far less than most others can rightfully claim!

Another reason people end up unhappy with this beer fridge is because they do not take the proper care when assembling it. Make sure to clearly follow the instructions and always wait at least 8 hours after installing the casters and assembling the unit before plugging it into the wall, thus ensuring that it properly works from day one.


The free CO2 regulator is a bonus perk that many other Kegerators come without, although many find that the 2.5-pound tank provided by Igloo is simply too small to be considered convenient. If you are willing to spend extra, you can purchase another tank from your local store. I suggest not rushing out to buy another though until you make sure the 2.5-pound CO2 tank is not going to be substantial enough for you.  For some, finding someone that will fill up these tanks can also be tricky, I suggest checking your local retail stores like Wal-Mart or Home Depot.

To Buy or Not to Buy…

While set up can be tricky for some, once properly put together this is a very reliable fridge that offers a chilly home for your beer, all inside of one beautiful display.

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