Danby Mini Fridge with Glass Door

Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center – Stainless Steel Official Review

This mini fridge offers a lot of space in a modern, sleek package; but at such a good price, is this deal as ‘chill’ as it seems? We vote yes, but to each their own!

For more reasons than one, having a mini fridge will make your life easier. Say for example you want to have people over but don’t have the space to store enough beverages, or you’re just simply tired of having to dig around the bulky items in your fridge to find that last cold soda can! This Danby stainless steel refrigerator is a great solution for a reasonable price.

The look of a tempered glass door gives the Danby mini fridge an upscale, yet trendy look! For those that can keep the innards of the space clean enough for constant exposure, the glass offers an easy way to always know what you have on hand. An empty fridge will catch your eye when you pass by, making you stop to supply it with sodas, waters, Gatorade, or any other beverage—this way you never have to ruin dinner with a warm drink.

What Darby has that Other Mini Fridges Do Not


While many small refrigerators lack any light, this mini fridge comes with an automatic light that will come on whenever the door is opened, illuminating all of your goodies stored inside! Keep these same goodies safe from sticky fingers; this device comes with a lock and key. Also, it is very quiet in comparison to the noise levels of other small refrigerators.

This mini fridge is slightly larger than many other models on the market, it has 3.3 cubic feet of space, and it can fit up to 120 cans of soda, or whatever you prefer, inside! You may mix around the 3 black adjustable wire shelves, arranging them however works best for you and your needs. Some remove the shelves and place beer kegs inside; the bottom shelves can hold 4-5 litters of beer.

Downsides and Durability

While you might get lucky and have years of pure pleasure with your Danby mini fridge, there’s also the possibility that everything goes wrong and it breaks down mechanically, in this situation– be warned that it will cost more to fix it than to purchase a new one.

One can adjust the temperature anywhere from 43 to 57 degrees. To some this is not cold enough for their liking; although there are also many satisfied customers who agree that their drinks are very cold, even when the entire unit is full. Much of it has to do with where the fridge is kept, in a warmer, less insulated environment it might not get as cold as it would stored in in the kitchen or home bar.

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