Haier Mini Fridge with Freezer

Haier Mini Fridge and Freezer Combo—long lasting, affordable convenience.

It might be small, but this Haier fridge can be classified as ‘more to love.’ Everyone wants a cheap mini fridge, but no one wants a poorly made machine; that’s what makes this Haier model so popular, it is both cheap and functional. Offering just the right amount of space, this fridge has adjustable shelves and an easy to access freezer located at the very top of the fridge. Situated in the corner, the freezer box fills up only half of the top shelf, granting you just enough freezer space, while allowing you to still keep taller items up top too. Best of all, the freezer does not hang down all the way, allowing more space for fridge items on the shelf beneath. The wire shelves on the door are very convenient as well; they even allow space for a litter bottle of coke or a large jug of milk!

3 Reasons to Love the Haier Mini Fridge


  • If you are stumped when it comes to space, size is really something to love about this mini; it’s small enough to fit in the most compact areas. 
  • By virtue of size, small refrigerators are not often thought of as noise culprits, but in truth many can be quite noisy! Thankfully, with this Hair mini fridge you will have nothing to fear in terms of noise. 
  • If you are worried that a miniature refrigerator will not keep your beverages as cold as you like them, I acknowledge your worries but not with the Hair fridge. This device delivers quite a cold punch; keeping items so chilled it might even surprise you!

What’s to Hate?

  • Some fridge/freezer combos allow one to switch the freezer compartment into a fridge if need be, just so you know that is not the case with this Hair model, instead the freezer is only for freezing. 
  • There is no light inside of this fridge and therefore if placed on the ground, say under a desk, you might want to keep a flashlight handy when you go looking for food.

Long Lasting Mini Fridge

This mini Haier fridge will last beyond the 1 year mark many fridges start to die out at, a common number tossed around between consumers is 3 years, but many devices last well and beyond that. For the price, that’s a lot of time—unfortunately, it’s not the golden days anymore, where appliances lived as long as the family dog. Say your machine dies out before the warranty lapses; you are in the clear as Haier is known for shipping customers a brand new replacement, although you might have to pay for the shipping. The vast majority of people who have purchased the Haier HCR17W 1.7 cubic feet refrigerator and freezer combo are very satisfied with the purchase making this gem the an editors choice!

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