Igloo 3.2 cu. Ft. 2-Door Refrigerator & Freezer

The Igloo 2-door mini fridge and freezer might seem perfect with its low price and awesome features, but beware of the risk regarding reliability.

Commonly, miniature fridge and freezers are one-door operations with the freezer tucked up at the top of the fridge. Not with this Igloo model which has both a fridge and freezer door to store goodies within. The added space allows for some really special features, including an ice tray and vegetable drawer. You will also have the freedom to remove the glass shelves in order to organize according to your needs. This green machine, CFC free and energy efficient, allows you to adjust the thermostat accordingly. The racks built into the door allow one to store bottles that are larger, such as milk, wine, or Coca-Cola.  You can even reverse the doors, thus allowing you to attach the doors in a way that works best for you. This multi-purpose, highly functional fridge is sure to make you smile according to one satisfied customer who considers it the, “Best purchase I’ve made to date.”

You can store the Igloo mini fridge in many different climates, for some refrigerators being kept outside or in non-insulated sheds leads to problems as they can’t get cold enough when combating heat. With this fridge, there is plenty of space to store all of your perishable goods and you don’t have to worry about their ruin even if your fridge is kept in unfavorable temperatures. For those that plan to keep this mini fridge at work, be prepared for office envy as you will be able to have popsicles and a drawer full of veggies that most other mini fridge’s will not allow. The best part? The price of this fridge is comparable with other devices that are much smaller, leading many to wonder– so what’s the catch? Is the Igloo as reliable as it is functional?

The Drawback— Who is Citrus?


With any appliance, there are going to be some people who get a great device that they love and never have issues with, while a smaller percentage of people will not get so lucky. If you encounter any issues with your 2-door Igloo mini fridge and freezer you can look to the 1-year limited warranty for aid. Although beware that this product is not actually manufactured by Igloo, instead a brand named Citrus makes this particular model and then uses Igloo’s name on it. If you encounter any issues you will have to work with the largely unknown Citrus brand to exercise your warranty, for some this turns out to be a pain—but issues are typically resolved, it just might take some time.


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