Dry Erase Mini Fridge

Keystone Energy Star 2.6 Cubic Feet Refrigerator with Dry Erase Board

Imagine a fridge that reminds you of your to-do list, or perhaps serves as your scratch paper when jotting down a phone number or a recipe you hear on the television. This is exactly what the mini 2.6 feet refrigerator by Keystone Energy does, as the entire black outer surface is actually a dry-erase board! This cute and convenient mini refrigerator comes in both pink and blue, each complemented by a matching dry-erase pen. A fun way to keep up with life’s many responsibilities, this refrigerator is also great for a multitude of locations as the legs are adjustable and the door is reversible for 100% personalization.

This fridge is not the reliable mini fridge that you will get purchasing something like the Haier Mini Fridge, but for those who prefer cute and fun over function,  this is your best bet.



There are many other perks to the Keystone Energy Wipe-Off fridge besides the dry-erase factor! There are also a number of great storage locations, especially for such a compact fridge. For example, the door includes storage space made for cans so that they do not roll around in your fridge and take up unnecessary space. There is also a place to store larger bottles, although there is only one spot, most large bottles do not fit anywhere else inside of this fridge. But, the wire racks are adjustable so that you can move the shelves according to the items you need to store.


But Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You….

Unsurprising, but still a bit of a bummer, the marker that this Keystone Energy Star fridge comes with will not last forever. Depending how much you use it, it might not last too long at all. Therefore, on the day it gives out and dies, you will be pressed to purchase another dry erase marker, the only issue you might face is finding the same color to match the blue or pink trim.

While this pink or blue fridge works well enough to keep sodas and orange juice cold, for more perishable items, like meat, we don’t recommended it. This fridge is better kept in an office space or dorm room for keeping snacks, sodas, and waters, as opposed to in a house holding a full-fledged stack of groceries.

There is a small freezer in the upper corner of this mini fridge but it does not get that cold, some owners say it takes weeks before something like an otter pop even starts to freeze! Although, there are tricks that you will pick up (such as using the drip tray beneath the freezer to store your popsicles) that will make it bearable, although far from ideal.
While the list of negatives weighs heavy on this dry-erase mini fridge, it still has a lot of positive benefactors—for starters, it’s adorable fun for all age groups!


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