Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Birthdays only comes around once a year, it’s a special time that each individual typically looks forward to all year. Gifts are a huge part of the fun that comes along with a birthday, but for those in charge of finding the perfect item to gift, it’s no easy task! First off, you’re not the only person out looking for your friend, family member, or significant other, and perhaps your budget might not be the biggest either. No need to worry, there is always something you can gift that will blow the socks of of the birthday princess!  These 5 fail-proof gift ideas for her will work for almost anyones’ birthday, making even the birthday-scrooges break out into a smile.

I.Romantic Kissing Giraffe Figurine Statue


The Gift For Someone with Everything 

Selecting the perfect gift for a birthday can be tricky, especially if you are buying for someone who already has everything! Picking the perfect gift for someone spoiled rotten is all about finding that unique something—an item you don’t see browsing quickly through Target or Nordstrom. Perhaps your loved one has a home of their own to decorate, or only a bedroom to work with, either way this special knick-knack is sure to win them—and their special space—over. With the safari theme being all the rage right now, this statue is both symbolic, beautiful, and in style—in other words, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better, and more affordable, gift– listed at $23.

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intertwined giaraffsfigure


II. Handheld Eureka Vacuum

Cleaning Can Be Cool 

So what if cleaning, or more specifically vacuuming, is known as a chore—it still has to get done, and for some it consumes a large majority of their day! I only have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment and I spend at least 2 hours a day straightening everything up! Therefore, although a vacuum is largely unexciting if you gift it to a teenager, when gifted to someone who spends a lot of their day cleaning, it’s a God send that will change and improve their daily routine.

This handheld Eureka Vacuum is fun in a bright shade of yellow and it only costs $35.

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III. Kindle Fire HD

For the Girl Who Loves to Read 

There’s no better gift than a great book—but what about a world of books, all at your loved ones’ finger tips? You can gift the ultimate reading experience; perfect for those who can’t get enough good books! The Kindle HD Fire has a beautiful, stunning display, and not only does it serve as a reader device but it also works as a fully functional tablet—making it 2 gifts in one! Plus, the price point is highly competitive and you can select different options that make it more or less expensive.

Starting at only $199, make someones’ day with this amazing gift idea!

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kindle hd fire


IV. Flowerbomb by Victor & Rolf

The Most Sought After Perfume 

Nothing smells quite as good as Flowerbomb perfume by Viktor & Rolf. This scent for women took over the fragrance market a few years back and has continued to dominate as one of the most lusted after scents for women. Although this delicious smell does not come with a cheap price tag, making it a much wanted commodity that not everyone is lucky enough to own. Most Flowerbomb bottles and gift sets cost around $100, but the size, and consistencies that are available make picking a winner for your budget a lot easier. Pick up the lotion, roll on fragrance, or the full 1.7 Oz bottle, anything Flowerbomb is sure to please.

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Looking for another great perfume to try? We suggest the delicious Prada Candy, which also comes with a fun clip on pink bracelet!

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V. A Diamond Cut For a Princess

Diamonds are said to be a girls’ best friend, and it’s no lie—a diamond lasts forever, it is beautiful, and just like any gorgeous woman it is a naturally produced entity in our amazing world. Show the woman in your life, how much you love her with this Princess Cut Diamond necklace.

Originally listed at $985, Amazon currently has this necklace listed at an amazing price point of $250!

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Don’t have couple-hundred dollars to spend? This cubic Zirconia version is beautiful as well, and much more affordable at under $20!

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