New Girlfriend Gift Ideas

If you just started dating a girl and an event has arose that requires a present, you might feel unsure exactly how much to spend or what type of gift to get for her. Even if you have the budget to spend a lot, you must take into consideration how long you have been dating and how close you are before automatically doing so, you don’t want to scare her off.


What Do Girls Really Want?

While going too over the top can make a woman run for the hills, not doing enough can also turn some women away. In order to secure your relationship continues to move forward without any hitch, purchase the right gift for a new girlfriend. The gift that you give someone, especially someone you are just getting to know at a deeper level, will tell them a lot about you. Humans love to analyze everything and trust me; she’s going to dissect the gift you give her, making assumptions about you and how you feel about the new relationship. Skip the mushy gushy stuff too—when things are new, acting too ‘in love’ will translate into a red flag for many girls.


When is it too Soon to Buy Her Jewelry?

Lastly, if you must do jewelry make sure to keep it simple. As I said earlier, you don’t want to scare her off by buying her a diamond ring a few weeks in—even if it’s not for her engagement finger! Sterling silver, or simple trendy pieces that are less romantic and more fashionable is your best bet. Keep it casual, that way she’ll only want more—and I don’t mean just gifts!

Start shopping with these great gift ideas for your new girlfriend!

Sterling Silver CZ Sideways Cross Ring $25

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House Of Harlow Sunburst Button Earrings $30

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House of Harlow Gold-Plated Turquoise Stone Ring $35

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Shoes… Shoes… and More Shoes Please! 

Shoes always work to wow over a girl who is into fashion. Plus, if you succeed at picking out the latest trend you are sure to impress her, showing her that you have good style and have also noticed hers.

Here are 3 different popular shoe styles most girls will appreciate!

FRYE Women’s Jackie Button Boot $270- $370

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Tom’s Sneakers $60 – $100

Let your special girl know that with every pair of Tom’s sneakers sold, a child in need is given a free pair of shoes; you will look like a sweet heart and a smart shopper! Go with a unique version of Tom’s, such as this Crochet style Tom’s and you will score even more points for originality.

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Sam Edelman Sandals $120

Also available in blue and white, the perfect summer sandal.

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Michael Kors Ritz Horn Watch $180

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Escape by Calvin Klein Perfume & Body Lotion for Women $40

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Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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