Long Term Boyfriend Gift Ideas

 I  have been dating the same guy for the last 8 years—over time that adds up to a lot of gifts and although I know him as well as I know myself, it can get hard to think up a new and adventurous gift idea that will surprise and delight him. Sometimes I feel like I’ve already done it all—within budget that is! So if you are struggling with what to buy your boyfriend, even if you’ve been dating for a long time, I completely sympathize; and these great boyfriend gift ideas should help a lot—happy shopping!

PlayStation 3

Undoubtedly, the PlayStation offers the best gaming experience when compared to others of its type– like the Xbox. Unlike competing brands that charge monthly fees for using their social features, PlayStation allows anyone with a gaming device to play online with friends and strangers free of cost. This is important if your guy is a big fan of Call Of Duty, or any other game that he uses a headset to talk to other people with. You can also do a multitude of other cool things with your PlayStation, like watch Blu-Ray DVDs or log onto your Netflix account and instantly stream movies and television shows. Since the new one (PlayStation 4) is soon to come out on the market, you can score the PlayStation 3 Exclusive Family Entertainment Bundle Package for only $250!

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Nixon Watch

Even guys that are not into style can appreciate a good watch—therefore the style conscious boyfriends out there, they will love it! Good watches are worn on the regular, becoming a staple in ones’ wardrobe, and therefore getting a nice watch as a gift is very exciting because he will get to make use of it every day and night!

Gold Nixon Watch $420

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Nixon Cannon Watch $130

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Nixon Rubber Men’s Watch White $150

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Dream Girls Lingerie

Perhaps one of the best gifts you can give your boyfriend is you! If you have been together a long time it’s nice to throw on a new costume to spice things up a bit! Remind him how hot you are by slipping into this outfit, and he’ll feel more than plenty ‘gifted’!

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Black & Decker 20-VOLT Drill with 100 Accessories Kit $88

The lithium-ion battery on this drill can hold a charge for up to 18 months and it comes with a lot of cool accessories that will let your man go wild! The only problem is that he might leave you on the back burner for a while because he will be so busy crafting new projects with his very own drill!

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North Face Men’s Sweater

Give your boyfriend this comfy North Face hoodie sweater and he will love wearing it around the house and out on the town! Available in a variety of color patters, starting at $40

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Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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