Sister Who Has Everything Birthday Gift Ideas

Say Happy Birthday to your sister the right way—with a present that proves to her just how special she is to you. If your sister has everything, it can seem impossible to think up the right gift but trust me, there is always something that will blow her socks off—and you don’t even have to go over your budget to find it.

For starters, if your sister has everything, well then you likely do too—yet I’m sure that you still have a long wish list of items building up—resort to thinking about these things to give you some ideas. On the other hand, if you’re not into collecting ‘stuff’ like your sister, it’s even harder to understand what to buy for her, because seriously—what else does the girl need? Out of respect for your lovely sister, here is a list of gifts every girl will love—even if she already has everything and more!


Handbags Galore!

If your sister likes nice purses—let me tell you, she can never get enough designer bags. Therefore, purchasing her a great bag to add to her collection while delight her beyond belief! Here are a couple of designer handbags any Fashionista will approve, at prices more affordable than you might assume.

Michael Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Tote $260

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Rebecca Minkoff Swing Replenish Shoulder Bag $330- $395

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Rebecca Minkoff Mini Affair Diamond Quilt Shoulder Bag $195

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Kate Spade Accessories

Brand snobs and humble hippies all love Kate Spade, how can you not—the designers’ fun, bright prints are eye catching; laid back yet sophisticated all at the same time. Therefore, a sister who has everything will enjoy a variety of Kate Spade Accessories for her birthday gift.

Kate Spade Garden Coffee Mug $25

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Kate Spade New York Long List Pad $9

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Kate Spade IPhone 4 Cell Cover $14

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Sister Poem Bracelet Set

These bracelets are the perfect gift for any sister! The silver tone bracelets come as a set of 2, each one with a beautiful poem personalized to the special bond between sisters. Also, since wearing stacks of bracelets is in style right now, bangle bracelets are yet another thing that girls who have everything can never get enough of! Both of these bracelets are only $20!

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Dogeared Sister Wishbone Necklace

This Dogeared necklace is a delicate and glamorous piece made specifically for you to gift your sister. The note that comes packaged with each necklace will touch your sister’s heart—and for the girl who has everything, she might already have some Dogeared jewelry pieces, but there’s no way she already has this particular necklace unless you already gifted it to her!

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