Brother Gift Ideas (Ages 10-15)

Buying a gift for your brother that is 10-15 years of age can be a very tricky ordeal, it can be hard to know what boys in this age range are interested in. No two boys are the same either, some are wrapped up in electronics, while others still prefer to play outdoors; you know your brother best, so make sure to buy him a gift that suits his personal day to day life. Boys like loud things, funny things, bright and fast things, keep this in mind as you score the web for the latest gadgets for boys 10-15 years of age. To help get your shopping started, here are some popular gift ideas for boys in the preteen and early teen stage of life.

Kindle Fire HD

So I know that I recommend the Kindle Fire a lot, but seriously—it’s one of the best gifts you can give someone! It’s a tablet, reader, and magazine with perfect images all in one—anyone, especially a younger male, will love having this tablet. Amazon is offering the Kindle Fire at a very competitive price starting at $199. Your younger brother is sure to love it, in fact it just might be his favorite gift of all!

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kindle hd fire


Sound Machine 16 Special Sound Effects $13

It might seem silly, and sure it’s immature but boys will be boys and to many this sound machine will prove to be downright hilarious. While it might annoy the other family members, your younger brother will be giddy as ever—and isn’t that what matters most anyways?

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Volcom Gear

Get your younger brother some cool new clothes to wear! Some guys are not that excited about getting clothes as presents while others really enjoy getting them—know what type your brother is before wrapping up a shirt and shorts!

Volcom Board Short $52

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Volcom Basic T-Shirt $16

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Ultra Stomp Rocket

Boys are active, that’s why we love them so very much—let him let his wild side out, with this Ultra Stomp Rocket for only $15.

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Boys Body Book for Growing Boys

It might be less awkward if you give your brother this book than if one of your parents do, just make sure to do it when no one else is around to avoid completely embarrassing him!

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Coca-Cola Mini Fridge

I don’t know if mom and dad will approve, but if they give it the green light, a mini fridge will make an excellent gift for a boy turning into a teen. He can keep waters, sodas, candy, or whatever else he wants in there—making his room into the perfect place to get together with friends. Which in the end works out for your parents because they will have him safe at home instead of out somewhere else unsupervised. This Coca-Cola Mini fridge is listed for $50.

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