Improve Your Gift Giving Skills

 H ere are 4 ways to bump up your gift-giving skills—making you the favorite person to receive presents from! So you ask, what is the ultimate bonus to being the best gift-giver on the block? For starters, when it’s your birthday, get ready to be showered in appreciation!

I. How to Know What Others Want

If you hear the words, “I want…” teach yourself to tune in to whatever is about to follow. If you do this, you will realize just how often the people in your life voice their wish lists aloud. While not EVERYONE gabs about their wants, MOST people do—making your ears your most valuable asset when it comes to gift giving. Don’t expect to hear the magical words a day before the present is due though, instead listen to everyone you care about gifting all year long—and over time you will collect a novel of great gift ideas personalized from their own words.

The only problem is how do you keep track of all these wants? Problem solved: take notes! Store these notes on a word document on your computer and then when you need to buy something for someone in particular, simply search their name in the document and instantly you will see exactly what they have been wanting throughout the year—allowing you to gift them exactly what they are wishing for!

II. Play ‘Getting to Know You’ Games

It’s important to know the styles of the main people in your life—what they like, don’t like, and are instantly drawn to. Once you have a good understanding of this, finding the perfect gift for them gets a lot easier.

Thankfully, there are fun games you can play that will spur forth this understanding; one of these games that my future mother-in-law loves to play only requires a magazine of some sort. Find a page that has at least 5 different outfits, items, or whatever else, on it and then have each person playing guess what someone else’s first pick from the page would be. Over time you will get really good at guessing what the other person wants, this knowledge will apply at the store too!

III. A Day in the Life

If you have a person in mind but can’t seem to think up a gift for them, simply close your eyes and picture their daily routine. How do they start their day, where do they go first, are they home a lot or at the office more? Do they go outside often or prefer to stay indoors?

These might seem like silly or irrelevant questions, but they can help a lot when trying to figure out what someone might want to make their life easier or more comfortable. Try to imagine yourself in their shoes, what would you want if you were living their life. Thinking from this perspective, the perfect gift option might suddenly come into focus.

IV. Social Media Can Help!

If you are not all that observant and have no idea what your loved ones like or want for a present—your gift is still salvageable! Thanks to social media sites like Pinterest and Facebook, it’s easy to look up your loved ones and see what they are currently wearing, wanting, ‘liking,’ or pinning.

Online shopping is addictive, and while we find loads of little (and big) things that we want all of the time we don’t always purchase them. For those that have a Pinterest account, the items that are loved most are ‘pinned’ onto different boards. All you have to do is scowl through one’s Pinterest page and you can find exactly what they are liking and wanting, plus the images usually link back to the site where you can buy the item, making it super simple to please a Pinterest user!

Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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