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Winner of the 2012 Master’s Tournament, Bubba Watson recently told CNBC that he wants the world to see how fun Golf can be, that’s why him and golf buddies, such as Rickie Fowler, created a number of hilarious YouTube videos showing just how silly pro golfers can be. That being said, golf is not the boring old mans’ game it has notoriously been known as—instead men and women of all age groups and energy levels are addicted to the skillful game of golf.

It seems like those that enjoy golf, REALLY enjoy golf—if you know someone that is obsessed with the game, there are a number of great golf gift ideas to please them with. Even if you know nothing about Golf, besides the innards of Tiger Wood’s love life, you can gift an appropriate present with these golf gift ideas.

Samsonite Golf Trunk Organizer $39

Do golf shoes and little white balls clog up the backseat, or entire trunk space, of your friends’ vehicle? If so, this is the perfect accessory for anyone who loves Golf to keep in their trunk. They will be able to keep all of their golfing gear organized, free of damage, and ready to go whenever they are!

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Golf Pens with Golf Bag Holder $19

This 4-piece set is perfect for a golf lover who spends too much time at their desk—when they really wish they were spending more time out on the course. You can even get this piece engraved, making it a potentially perfect sentimental golf gift for dad.

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Confidence Golf Bag $140

This ladies hybrid golf club set and stand golf club bag will make any female golf-lover excited for her next trip to the local golf course!

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Waterproof Kodak PlaySport Camera

Does your golfing pal already have all of the nifty golfing accessories they could ever need? Then try a gift that is slightly more unique—this pocket-sized video camera will allow them to record the most exciting moments out on the golf course.

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Cruiser Accessories Golf License Plate $18

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Pinnacle Pink Ribbon Golf Balls $16

Support a good cause and golf in fashion with these pink ribbon golf balls.

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24k Gold Plate Golf Club Set Crystal Ornament $18

A decorative golf accessory perfect for someone who adores delicate knick-knacks.

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Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

This book by Dr. Bob Rotella has quickly become a favorite among golf fans, if your loved one has yet to read it, it will make an excellent golf gift idea.

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