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Being named a Bridesmaid is a true honor, and while bestowing that type of trust and love in your girlfriend means a lot in itself—actually being a Bridesmaid is a lot of work! As a Bridesmaid you are responsible for making the Bride a happy woman—helping her pick out her dress and prepare for the big day. In many cases, the Bridesmaids are even responsible for paying for their own dress, which is not typically a cheap piece of fabric! So while no Bridesmaid EXPECTS a bridesmaid gift, it’s polite and in good taste to treat your group of Bridesmaids to an extra special present, in thanks for all of their hard work.

If you have a huge wedding party, it might be hard to afford anything too extravagant for each and every one of your special Bridesmaids. In this case, try a cheap bridesmaid gift idea that does not come off as “cheap” because of how unique, personalized, or special it is.

While all Bridesmaids are important to the Bride, the Maid of Honor is picked for a reason: because she is the closest to the Bride. This close relationship can be acknowledged by purchasing your Maid of Honor something that is different or even more expensive than the gift(s) given to the Bridesmaids.

Still, knowing exactly what is appropriate and what is not can get tricky—here is an assortment of Bridesmaid Gift Ideas suited for almost every budget.

Cosmetic Bag Personalized For Bridesmaids

Gift each one of your Bridesmaids a personalized cosmetic case with their initial; this is a great way to purchase everyone something slightly different without any extra effort on your part! Each bag costs $13,so  even after buying multiple bags you will still be within budget!

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Bottoms Up Bridesmaid Hand Painted Wine Glass

Give your Bridesmaids a wine glass to sip from on the big day, something to make them stand out as extra-special, because they are! These adorable wine glasses for bridesmaids is listed at only $20.

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Willow Tree Bridesmaid Figurine $14

This Golden Friendship Willow Tree figurine can be used to express your gratitude, especially appropriate if you and your group of friends are fans of these blank-faced Willow Tree dolls that make for meaningful and lovely decorations around the house.

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Kate Spade Bridesmaid Bangle Bracelet $58

Available in both silver and gold, this bangle makes the perfect accessory for your group of Bridesmaids. Inside of the bangle it reads “Best Friend Ever.” On the outside, a number of friendly sayings are scripted in delicate cursive such as, “peas in a pod…” and “sidekick.” Buy Now!


Dogeared Bridesmaid Gold Bow Necklace $64

Made especially for your group of bridesmaids, this Dogeared necklace is adorable and personalized to the special role of a Bridesmaid. Dogeared is known for creating high quality, special pieces that are worn and loved for years.

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 Maid of Honor Shirt $15

Looking for something special for your Maid of Honor? This t-shirt will tell everyone how important her role in the wedding is!

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Throw Blanket $50

Show your Bridesmaids or Maid of Honor how special they are with this throw blanket that reads, “Times change and we with time… but a greater friend I’ll never find.” After planning a wedding with these ladies you will be feeling quite close with them, this blanket will show that and remain a staple reminder of your times together for years to come.

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BridesMaids—Hollywood Style $13

This hilarious movie will make any Bridesmaid smile—and uncontrollably laugh! Be glad that your own wedding is not this dramatic, or find solace if your own wedding party is a wild bunch!

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12 Bridesmaid Wedding Gift Bags

Wrap any Bridesmaids gifts you decide on with care by using these adorable “Thank You Bridesmaid” gift bags; grab a set of 12 for only $8.

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