Gift Ideas for Graduates

It’s that time of the year again, when graduates are putting on their caps and gowns, ready to strut down the graduation isle. It was just last year that I walked the line to get my own diploma, and I must say it was truly an unforgettable experience. Although, to be downright honest the graduation gifts that I received were a serious let down. I wasn’t the only one either, my friends felt equally let down by the last minute, low-quality items gifted in congratulations. Not that I blame anyone, it’s tricky to find the right gift for graduates with so many ‘cheesy’ gift ideas on the market!

These bad graduate gifts are what prompted me to write a gift idea for graduates post, perhaps if only to save a few excited grads from getting the worst “congratulation” present ever.

Graduation Mad Libs $4

If you are just looking for something small and inexpensive to gift a grad, try this comical Mad Libs graduation gift idea.

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Designer Sunglasses

Most graduations are held during the summer when it starts to get really hot. I can’t tell you how many of my fellow graduates didn’t bring any sunglasses and were subsequently suffering under the bright blinding sun. Gifting a new pair of gorgeous designer sunglasses might help the graduate remember to bring them along on their big day.

Oakley Glasses For Him $90

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Kate Spade Designer Sunglasses For Her $100

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Personalized Graduation Gift $15

This plaque is not just any “2013” graduation memorabilia, instead this personalized grad gift says their name and graduating class making it much more special. A gift such as this is likely to stick around long after mass-produced graduation gifts are given away to GoodWill.

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“Oh the Places You’ll Go!” Dr. Seuss Mug $15

We have all seen Dr. Seuss’s book version of, “Oh the Places You Will Go!” given as a classic graduation gift but this mug takes a nice twist on the usual gift. Plus, any grad– either going on to complete more school or to find a job, is going to need their share of coffee! Buy Now!



The Journey is the Reward $29

This beautiful necklace is the perfect graduation gift idea for her, it is available in either silver or gold plated silver, and it reads in fine print script: “The journey is worth the reward.”

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Kenneth Cole Briefcase $124

Graduates might not have a job secured the day they walk towards that degree, but if the graduate is about to get their first ‘big person’ job, this briefcase will be much appreciated on their first day. Buy Now!


Watch For Him or Her

A watch makes an excellent graduation gift, it is a grown up, sophisticated gift idea that will be worn on the graduates’ next series of adventures!

Citizens Watch For Him $240

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Michael Kors Watch For Her $193

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The Real Truth about Success $16

I wouldn’t typically recommend a book as a graduation gift, being that any graduate has already read their share of books just in order to get where they are! But this book, The Real Truth About Success by Garrison Wynn, is filled to bust with top notch tips for getting ahead in life, if the graduate doesn’t thank you now… they are sure to thank you later!

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Dogeared Keys to Success Necklace $62

With a degree in hand, this graduate already has the real keys to success, give them this beautiful necklace as a symbol of the opportunities that wait ahead. Buy Now!



Laptop Computer

It might seem like a strange idea—to get someone who has just graduated a laptop, automatically you might assume they already have one if they were able to graduate and all! But after years of using the same computer, most graduates need a new set of keys to type away on after completing their time in school. Therefore, nothing makes for a better graduation gift than a brand new computer or laptop.

Apple MacBook Pro $1600

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Toshiba Satellite 15.6 Inch Laptop $500

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Graduation Gift Basket $40

You can’t go wrong with a graduation gift basket, full of endless surprises!

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I Graduated! T-Shirt $15

This comical graduation tee reads: “I Graduated! Can I Go Back to Bed Now?” This shirt is not only practical, you can never have enough t-shirts, but it is also funny, relevant, and sure to bring a smile to the graduate.

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Author: Becky

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